Movin’ On Up

30 Jan

OK, ok, ok , everyone — I’ve played a cruel joke. I didn’t realize that in my last post I had said that I would provide a timely update about my medical issues, unless I was going to die. It’s been a few days since my last update, but please, let me assure you — I am not about to croak. At least, I don’t think so…

You see, I never quite made it to my doctor’s appointment. I didn’t get paid until Wednesday, so I couldn’t really show up until my check had cleared. I rescheduled for Thursday morning, but as I was frantically trying to cross the road the bus I needed to catch passed me right up. (Yes, the driver saw me frantically waving her down — no, she did not stop.) I could have waited for the next one to come around, but by that point I had missed the express and wouldn’t have made it in time anyway. I decided to reschedule in lieu of missing both my appointment and a half-day of work.  So — I bought myself some time. My new appointment is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

That aside — I’ve had a pretty busy week.

On Wednesday evening I was supposed to pick Yoga up some food after work, but I never quite made that appointment either. Addam’s never been great with directions, but he really threw me a curveball that night. I ended up biking through quite possibly the worst part of town I have been to since moving to Miami. Right after I as going through a large group of suspicious looking individuals I moved to jump onto the sidewalk and completely ate pavement. My foot got wrapped in my chain and my head hit the ground. I worked to quickly get back on the bike and out of the neighborhood, but this guy started biking next to me! He didn’t really bother me expect to tell me that I was going to kill myself, but it was intimidating. I ignored him, and he was gone after about two blocks, but the entire situation was definitely unsettling. I googled my own directions and got the food the next day.

After work on Friday I headed to Tobacco Road with a couple of friends from work. It’s the oldest bar in Miami and a former Al Capone hangout. I’ve been invited a few times before, but this was the first night I ever made it out. I’m really glad I did though. From 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. all beers and vodka drinks were $1, but deals aside, the vibe was awesome.

The bar was half inside, half out, but I never actually entered the building. It was a warm night, and the place was pretty crowded. I enjoyed a few drinks, but as a band was taking the stage I spotted Zach and his girlfriend, Rachel, about to head out. They were going to the Red Light, which is right by my apartment, and agreed to give me a ride home. I wanted to hang out for awhile longer, but I couldn’t pass up a free lift.

That was it for Friday, but today Addam and I had a full day of apartment hunting. Our neighbors are crazy bitches who complain about the slightest bit of noise. If Addam is playing the guitar at 6 p.m. without the amp plugged in they don’t even bother coming to us, they’re calling the landlord. Very obnoxious, but pretty soon it won’t be our problem. We were looking for a cheaper place a little closer to my work, and I think we found it.

The place is about 10 blocks south of where we are now, $250 less a month and does not require an application or a background check. The building is secure, the apartment is about the same size as the one we’re in now and all appliances are new. And the best parts? It’s right next to Churchill’s, this incredible bar we’ve been invited to countless times, and with the first and last month’s rent we can move in tomorrow. We’re signing the lease on Monday, (God willing), and should be all moved in by the fifth. (Which is when we told our landlord we’d be gone.)

We were going to check out a few more apartments, but after biking all the way downtown our realtor was nowhere to be found. After leaving a few messages we decided to turn around and head home.

On the way home, however, I got to stop at Salad Creations for a quick lunch. I’d never been there before, but good God, what have I been missing! I had a junior creation with romaine, corn, peas, chick peas, tomatoes and spicy asian peanut sauce, and let me tell you — I’d eat it every day of my life. It was a salad, but it filled me up for the entire day.

Since I’ve gotten home I’ve spent the entire night packing. We need more boxes, but I made pretty good progress on our kitchen. This is going to be one of the quickest moves we’ve ever made, and I have my fingers crossed that we make it through unscathed.

It will be a strenuous week ahead, but I’m embracing it and looking forward to a new change of pace. I enjoy a good challenge. It really gets my juices flowing.

Oh, but before I go — I’m proud to announce that I recently released both a Facebook group and fan page for “the novitiate.” Fans, friends and family — feel free to add them. The pages are still in their pilot stages, but you know I’d appreciate it.

“Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However, you must keep smiling and moving on.” — Tom Jackson, linebacker, Denver Broncos.

One Response to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. Courtney January 30, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    1] Please make it to your appointment this week. After reading your last one, I’ve been super worried.
    2] I’m gearing up for apartment hunting soon…I’m so not looking forward to it. But I’m sure everything will go smoothly in your move! And it sounds like a WAY better situation.
    3] I just flipped out over reading about Salad Creations! I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!! There’s none here in dreadful New England however. 😦

    MISS YA!

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