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Made with love

27 Feb

After a full month of moving and wresting with AT&T, Addam and I finally got to enjoy a completely stress-free weekend together, and we made sure to make the most of it.

We slept in on Saturday, woke up slow, listened to some music and headed to Oleta State Park around 2 p.m. Before hitting the trails we stopped by The Blue Marlin, a nearby bar/fast food restaurant on the water, for a quick lunch. There wasn’t much day light left, but we got a good hour of biking in before heading toward the beach.

We picked up some food and drinks on the way, and once we got to the water I had the most amazing pad thai I’ve had since leaving Chicago. The sun was down, but the beach was still relatively busy. It was a warm night, so we stayed for a couple of hours before heading back to the mainland.

On our way home Addam and I got sidetracked and decided to stop by Red Lobster to say hello. Lobsterfest just started and was in high gear, so the place was completely packed inside and out — making Addam all the more happy that he wasn’t working. We said hello to Vicki, who invited us to head by her house and hang out with Tati and John until she got off.

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The boys, the boys!

25 Feb

Yesterday and today marked the anniversary of two very important occasions to me — 1. The birth of my soon-to-be husband, Addam Evans, and 2. The birth of my soon-to-be  little brother, Benjamin Evans.

I do not have words to describe how much these two mean to me and I don’t think anything is going to change that anytime soon, but the journalist in me has to try.

So…For those who don’t know —

I met Addam my senior year. At that point, I had went to high school with him for about three years, but as we belonged to different social circles, our paths never crossed. I was supposed to tutor him in Spanish for extra credit when I was in 10th grade, but completely blew him off after I found out I was receiving an A for the 6-weeks.  I sent my good friend, Katie, at my expense, and pretty much pushed him out of my mind for two years — until I ran into him at work.

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23 Feb

Well, folks – it’s been a technologically trying couple of weeks, but I think I may finally be out of the woods.

I don’t know how, in the year 2011, it can still be difficult to receive a reliable internet connection, but apparently being able to spend an hour or two reading gossip blogs and surfing the internet after a long day of work is too much to ask. At least, don’t ask AT&T. Trust me when I say that they won’t be able to do anything for you except waste your time.

I’ve spent every lunch hour I’ve had for the past two weeks trying to get a modem delivered to my house, and each time I called in I seemed to get a different excuse. Either UPS didn’t have my apartment number or was keeping the package at their headquarters, an hour away. Once UPS got the address right, they had already sent the package back to AT&T, who wouldn’t overnight equipment despite promises.

Once Addam and I received our modem, the laptop still wouldn’t connect to the internet, meaning AT&T had to send someone out to check on our signal. Of course, when I asked two weeks ago if someone could just be sent out in lieu of the modem, I was told that I would have to install it myself. We were told that someone couldn’t come out for two weeks, but after a bit of persuasion on Addam’s part, AT&T agreed to send someone out this morning. So far, knock of wood, things appear to be running smoothly.

This would make me feel better if I wasn’t also fighting a losing battle with my insurance company.

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7 years, 7 apartments

10 Feb

Forgive me for the length of time between blog posts. Addam and I have been busy moving, but it was limited internet connectivity that kept me from updating. AT&T should be coming out to hook up our DSL today, but in the meantime I’ve only had access at work – making it hard to keep you guys up to date. I guess I could have stayed late to write, but there was a lot to be done around the new apartment, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it all to Addam.

We’re finally all moved in, but the entire ordeal was a lot trickier than it should have been, considering that in the seven years Addam and I have been together we’ve moved seven times.

We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday packing our lives into heart-shaped boxes, only to run into a series of issues when we went to pick up the moving truck on Thursday.

Addam and I woke up at 6:30 a.m. so we could make sure to get to the U-Haul place as soon as it opened at 7. Only when we got there they wouldn’t let us rent a truck because my driver’s  license didn’t match the name on Addam’s credit card. I don’t have a credit card, and Addam doesn’t have a license, making it impossible for us to leave with any sort of transportation.

We angrily biked back to our apartment to wait for the banks to open so I could get a credit or debit card. We got to Bank of America around 8:30 a.m., the place opened at 9 and by 9:10 we were turned away. I had to close my account after a Craigslist scam last year, and the bank would not let me open a new one. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you choose to look at it, I wouldn’t have been able to open one anyway. My wallet was stolen with my car last year, leaving me without two valid forms of identification. I called Wachovia once I got home, but as all banks pretty much operate under the same rules, Addam and I were up the creek without a paddle.

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The Nurse

2 Feb

I’ve kept you guys waiting, but I can finally provide an update about my doctor’s appointment.

I met with a neurologist this afternoon, who basically confirmed what I had been suspecting – I’m fine. Well, probably.

In case you haven’t been following, I’ve been having this recurring eye issue. At certain points my right eye doesn’t seem to focus on light correctly and at different occasions people have told me that that pupil looked significantly smaller than the other.

I told my doctor that I don’t really get a lot of headaches and that the issues didn’t occur after I ate or drank anything in particular. I told him that I wasn’t pregnant and that there was no history of this sort of thing in my family.

My doctor recommended that I take two Advil every time my eyes go wonky and asked that I schedule an MRI, schedule some other 2-hour test and that I see an eye doctor. I guess he was just trying to cover his bases, but I really don’t feel like going to 42 doctor’s appointments, only to discover I need reading glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather need reading glasses than brain surgery, but come on.

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