“And yes, Virginia is the best.”

15 Mar

At one point this weekend Addam made me take a second to appreciate being exactly where I was. We were sitting on South Beach, the sun was setting, and he said, “Take a minute and look this. This is what you work all week for.”

While most nights I would have probably laughed it off, this weekend I completely understood what he was saying. For two and a half days, I was exactly where I wanted to be. And I knew it.

One of my closest friends from Virginia, Krysti, came to visit me this weekend. I know, I know — sounds like a long drive, right? But she moved to Florida when I moved to Chicago and has been residing in Polk County for the past three years now. So — what would have been a 14-hour drive became four, meaning this will (hopefully) be the first of a long line of visits.

Addam and Krysti picked me up from work on Friday, and it was nonstop fun until I walked back in on Monday.

We headed straight to the Red Light, and I’m glad to say that it was a much better experience than the time I went with Addam’s mom, dad and Uncle Dave. I know that sounds bad — but the first time we went they were only offering outside dining, took 40 minutes to come out with our drinks and were extremely snotty.

When we went with Krysti we got a seat right near the door. Our waiter was really fun and extremely patient. He was quick on the drinks, always wore a huge smile and even spoke to the chef about cooking my potatoes in oil instead of butter. My meal was 100 percent vegan friendly and absolutely amazing. I had jasmine rice and roasted potatoes, Krysti had seafood pasta, and Addam went with the cheeseburger. Even though they could have probably afforded to give Krysti a few more noodles with her scallops, we all left full.

From there we went back to the apartment. We listened to some music and put on the movie 127 Hours, but it wasn’t long until we all called it a night. Krysti and I had a long day ahead of us, and we wanted to make sure we were well-rested.

Saturday was Marleyfest. Unfortunately, even though he requested off work Addam couldn’t get off  for the concert. Since he needed his bike for work and it wouldn’t fit into Krysti’s car, Addam biked down the festival and met us there before it began. He bought me four cans of food to donate, bought my ticket and saw us off, with the hopes that he would be able to get off in enough time to make the Marleys.

Even though we wished Addam could have been there with us, Krysti and I had an absolutely amazing time. Kymani, Jullian, Stephen and Damian Marley were all there, along with Thievery Corporation, Slightly Stoopid and Inner Circle, among others. The entire vibe was very laid back, and after we found a place to sit, we pretty much stayed there for the majority of the day and night. We did a bit of shopping, and Krysti met up with her boss who was also in town for the concert, but for the most part we just relaxed and enjoyed the show.

After filling $5-baggies full of piercing jewelry and picking out a nice gift for Addam, we pretty much planted ourselves next to a couple of guys from about two hours north. One was in his 30s and looked just like Michael Phelps. (He said he was 6’8″ but I swear the guy was 7-feet tall). The other was “35-ish,” which, I’m assuming means 40, and a little repetitive. He meant well and was very nice, but he literally said everything about three times. They bought us drinks and water and never hit on us, which was both kind and comforting. It’s kind of hard not to make friends at a music festival, but these guys were exceptionally fun. At the very least they knew their music and watched our stuff when we ran to take pictures, which is more than I can ask from someone I sit next to at a bus stop.

Addam never made the concert, but he got there right at the end of Marleys, who closed out the show. We met him right outside the fence, vibed out to a few songs and headed home.

Despite the time change, Krysti and I made it up by 10 for a Sunday brunch at Red Lobster. Addam had to be into work at 8 but told us that if we got there before 12 he could fix us up something special. He made me linguine with a basil marinara sauce, and Krysti got the “Ultimate Feast” — a lobster tail, crab legs, shrimp scampi and rice pilaf. We stuffed ourselves, said hello to Addam and left to waste time before he got home.

We stopped by a fish shop, where I spent significantly too much time asking Krysti countless questions and staring at a baby octopus. Krysti used to work as an aquatics specialist at Petco and knew all about the stuff, so it was a very informative outing.

There was a tattoo parlor right next door, and since Krysti came to Miami with the intention of getting her tattoo covered up, we stopped by to see what they could do. They weren’t open for business yet, but since we’re so cute they drew a design on Krysti’s foot for free.

Since they couldn’t actually do anything, Krysti and I went home to search for a parlor that was actually open. We ended up at Hell Bound City Tattoo, which was only about two miles from the apartment. After a lot of sketching Krsyti decided to go with her original intent and get her tattoo touched up, but at the last minute the artist, Mike, drew on a couple of simple dots and stars that she loved. She ended up getting those added to it as well, and it came out beautifully! I don’t have the photos right now, but I’ll try to update with a before and after.

Addam was off by the time we got home, so we all headed to South Beach. It was a little chilly, and Krysti couldn’t get in the water anyway, so we spent the evening sitting on the sand. It was crowded, but still pretty relaxing. Yoga loved running in the sun, and no one told us that we couldn’t have her there this time around, so it all worked out perfectly.

Krysti had to be at work early Monday morning and had to make a 4-hour drive, but we all decided to go out for one last meal. After some debate we ended up at a chinese buffet and completely maxed out. I didn’t think I would be able to eat for a week, but I somehow managed to make it to the car and back to the apartment.

Krysti left around 10:30 p.m. and told me today that she had to stop to sleep on the way home. I hate thinking of her sleeping at a rest stop on the side of the highway, but I’m really glad that she made it back ok.

As for me — it was a fairly typically Monday. I woke up early, turned in two stories and made it home to clean and blog. Nothing eventful, yet kind of nice after all the excitement.

But, as I had a long weekend and have a long day ahead, so I’m calling it a night. I’ll meet ya at the next post.

“Tough girls come from New York, sweet girls, they’re from Georgia. But us Virginia girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be a debutante, throw left hooks and drink with the boys, all the while making sweet tea, darlin’. And if we have an opinion, you know you’re gonna hear it.” — Ashley Judd, actress.

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  1. Krysti March 15, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Love it! Never thought id be in a blog/ article!

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