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Blogaroo: Day 29: Mumford & Sons

11 May

Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane founded Mumford & Sons in October 2007. In the short time they’ve been performing together they have become known worldwide for their energetic performances, during which the band often juggles both instruments and set lists — guaranteeing that each show is a completely original experience. While band members are well-versed in guitar, drums, bass and piano, they’re not afraid to throw traditional folk instruments into the mix as well — often breaking out the banjo, mandolin and resonator guitar.

But while their musical prowess may have catapulted the English band to international stardom, the group’s strong lyrics is what kept them there. Drawing from the literary masterminds of history, Mumford & Sons often reference the works of Shakespeare and John Steinbeck, among others. According to Mumford, “You can rip off Shakespeare all you like. No lawyer’s going to call you up on that one.”

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