Blogaroo: Day 25: Sleigh Bells

15 May

Sleigh Bells originated in 2008, when lead singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller crossed paths at a small Brooklyn eatery. Krauss was taking her mother out to lunch and Miller was busy waiting tables when he happened to mention that he was searching for a female lead for a project he was working on.

Since that first project, Krauss and Miller have performed at the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival in New York and Pitchfork in Chicago. They’ve been signed to M.I.A’s N.E.E.T. Recordings and are working on their second studio album, to be released next year.

I’m not going to lie. I’m very new to this band and am not extremely familiar with their work. What I can say is that in the short time I’ve been tuning in, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve heard. It’s not surprising that M.I.A. signed them, as their electric, hip-hop sound and pop undertones are reminiscent of the Paper Planes songstress. Take a look.


The Bonnaroo schedule is finally up, and I can’t think of a better time slot for this band to play. They’re playing at 10:15 on Thursday night, which doesn’t conflict with any big, can’t miss performances and should set the tone for an amazing weekend. I always love checking out new artists, and this is one that I’m most excited for.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.


  • Sleigh Bells EP (2009)
  • Treats (2010)

Sounds Like:

Songs to Listen For:

  1. Riot Rhythm
  2. Crown on the Ground
  3. Treats
  4. Tell ‘Em
  5. Rill Rill
  6. Kids
  7. Run the Heart
  8. Infinity Guitars
  9. Rachel
  10. Straight A’s

Times at Roo: 0

Times I’ve Seen The Band: 0


“You’ve got a smart best friend and she’s okay/ Have you had a smile today?/ Close the door, take your seats / Or else you need to play for keeps. ” — Sleigh Bells, Riot Rhythms (2010).

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