“Well, it’s my birthday too, yeah!”

17 Jul

Well folks, as much as I hate turning another year older, I must admit that my birthday weekend has been fabulous — thanks entirely to my incredible friends and (soon to be) family.

But before I go into detail about the festivities I should backtrack, as a ton has happened since my last post.

When Addam got off work last Sunday he immediately invited me out to Churchill’s, a little English-style pub located less than a block from our apartment. I love the place, so while I’m usually not the type of girl to doll myself up before a night out, I decided to make a bit of on effort. (Very little, as the photos can attest.)

While the first band that played just kind of screamed at the audience, I’m a little obsessed with the second band we saw, The Barons of Tang. They’re from Austrailia, and even though Miami was the last stop in their US tour, they took some time to hang, which Addam and I greatly appreciated. I’ve never quite heard anyone like them, but the group definitely had that gypsy punk sound that I’ve come to appreciate. The closest comparison I can make is with Gogol Bordello, who Tang opened for a little while back.

After the group performed we invited a couple of the members back to our apartment for drinks. While the majority of the band wanted to stay and support a group that was playing after them, Jules Brunton, the group’s lead guitarist, came back with us. He was only over for about an hour or so, but now that we’ve connected on Facebook I’m hoping it will be the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

Sunday was fun, but my work week was busy! There were a ton of meetings, and since Zach is leaving for another publication, I felt the need to show myself up. I hustled all week and got everything in before deadline. I worked so hard that by the time the weekend hit, I was ready to let loose.

On Friday Danae invited me out to Tobacco Road for happy hour. Their specials are fabulous, but after about an hour we headed over to the Transit Lounge where we met up with Stephanie, a former-Miami Today-er, and Adrian, Danae’s hubby.

I’d never been to Transit, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an absolutely amazing time! Suénalo was playing, who I’d never heard of, but who Danae and Steph loved. While I’m usually the type to sit and talk, the ladies and I were dancing our patooties off. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a girl’s night, and it was MUCH needed. Steph and Danae are both set to be in the wedding, so I’m expecting a pretty wild bachelorette party!

While it was still a few days before my birthday, Addam and I both had Saturday off, so we decided to do our celebrating a little early. We’d been planning to bike down to the Keys for the past week, so after stopping at Target to pick up a bike basket for Yoga, running by Miami Today to pick up my bike, and heading to Burger King for a quick lunch, we were on our way.

We got to Virginia Key around 4  p.m. but stopped at a small beach before making our way to a campsite. Apparently when Emily and Ryan came down around Christmas, the boys went down to the Keys while Emily and I looked at wedding dresses. Addam said that he’s been excited to come back with me ever since, because he carved something sweet into a piece of petrified wood that had washed up on the shore. Unfortunately water must have washed the message away, because after about 10 minutes of looking we both gave up. Regardless, it’s the thought that counts, and I found it very sweet that he would do something so affectionate. He’s never been a very romantic guy, but my man does have his moments. I love him.

After checking out the beach Addam and I made our way to park, where we spent the afternoon grilling out and kicking up sand.

After settling in and setting up the grill, Addam and I decided to take Yoga for a walk across the beach.

The water was so warm it felt like bath water, and the pup had a great time running across the hot sand. Even though she’s typically pretty good about staying close, she kept running off to beg food from neighboring campsites. While our people friends did not seem to care too much, the little love nugget did manage to irritate a couple of ducks that were nested in the brush we were walking near.

Despite my best attempts to teach my baby to love her fellow animals (haha), Yoga chased the poor things halfway across the beach, almost getting pecked in the process. Fortunately, no creatures were harmed, and we were able to continue our walk safely.

Addam had put the corn and potatoes onto the grill before our walk, so the veggies were almost done cooking once we got back to our campsite. He threw some steak on the barbie, borrowed some forks from our neighbors and gave the potatoes one last flip.  Before I knew it we were all ready to eat. (Which is good, because  Yoga and I were starving!)

As soon as Addam finished grilling a police officer drove by to tell us that 1. the park just closed and 2. a horrible storm was moving in our direction. Even though we were a little rushed, we had enough time to enjoy our meal before heading out. Thank God. My potato was absolutely fabulous, and I’ve been craving corn on the cob since the veggies I bought for Bonnaroo spent the weekend soaking in meat water.

After a quick dinner Addam and I hopped on our bikes and headed back to the mainland. We stopped for some photos at the top of this huge bridge we had to cross in order to get back into Miami. While the sky was looking dangerously dark at that point, we never ran into bad weather. We stopped to watch the sunset at the bottom of the bridge, then headed over to Bayside to wrap up the evening.

Bayside was fun, but it always is, so that wasn’t surprising. When we got there a local band was covering Santana, so after jamming out to a few songs we found a spot to sit down and chill for awhile. After a long day of biking in the hot sun, it was nice to sit back and enjoy a drink to some great tunes.

We headed home after a few hours and made it back to our apartment around 10 p.m. or so. Addam’s mom, Judy, had sent us a copy of Primal Fear, so we put that on while waiting for sleep to set in. We had a long day, so it wasn’t long before we passed out with the pup.

While Friday and Saturday were packed, today was relatively low key. Addam had to work at 2 p.m., so I spent most of the day updating my resume and watching Big Brother live feeds. While I cannot say that it was the most exciting way to spend the eve of my birthday, after such an eventful weekend, I enjoyed the calm.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” — Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US (1809-1865).

4 Responses to ““Well, it’s my birthday too, yeah!””

  1. Emily Evans July 18, 2011 at 3:05 am #

    i LOVE your striped dress in the first picture! also, what do you eat at burger king?! these pictures are awesome!!!!!

  2. judy evans July 18, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    Glad you enjoyed some cool activities to celebrate #25 🙂 Appears to have been the perfect weekend………… 🙂

    The photos in this chapter are especially GOOD!! I’m so happy that you always take pictures – and share them.

    I love The Novitiate!!!!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to it’s creative author!!!


  3. Chuck Bass July 18, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    So glad you had an awesome weekend!!! Everything you guys did sounds so fun! Love it!!! I thought of you on phone date night, but I knew you were off celebrating, so I figured I’d just postpone it a bit. 🙂 Happy happy birthday!!!! I love you muchly!!! And take comfort in knowing that no matter how old you get, you’re still not as old as me. lol O_o

    • hopkinar July 18, 2011 at 10:38 am #

      Chuck — We’re definitely going to need a phone date asap because I have sooo much to tell you. My birthday weekend was fun but it would have been sooo much funner if you were a part of my girls night. I love you too!

      Judy — Thank you so much! Addam had been planning the weekend for a week so it was perfect! We did a little bit of everything.

      Emily — Thanks! I kind of forgot I owned it until I dug it out of the closet the other day. And I don’t eat anything at Murder King. They throw fits when you ask for even a salad without cheese. I watched Addam eat.

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