Weddapalooza: Thursday, August 18

28 Aug

The Thursday before my wedding started early and ended late. (As all good bachelor/bachelorette parties should.)

Addam and I had to meet with Ana, our wedding planner, to pay off Jungle Island at noon, so we were biking to Bayside a couple of hours before we were actually awake. After crossing Ts and dotting Is we were on our way to Crandon Park on Key Biscayne for our first official wedding run through.

We knew that not many people were going to be able to make the first rehearsal, but we actually had a better turn out than we expected. Emily and Ryan got there right when Addam and I did, but within a few minutes Ben, Chris and Andrew were there as well. The boys had driven all the way in from Virginia and came straight to the wedding location upon arriving in Miami and checking into their hotel. Ben just visited a few months ago, and while it’s always great to see him, Addam and I hadn’t seen Chris or Andrew since we left Virginia about three years ago. Nothing can top how great it felt to finally get my arms around them again.

After planning out exactly how we wanted the ceremony to look on our big day, Addam and I had to run back to the apartment to hand our champagne flutes and party favors over to Ana so she could garnish them with some jade ribbon. Within an hour of leaving Crandon we were headed back to The Hilton, our base of operations for the weekend, to prepare for our bachelor and bachelorette parties.

At The Hilton Addam and I met up with Emily, Ryan, Courtney and Matt, as well as some new arrivals, including Steve, Judy, Keith (Addam’s uncle) and Heather. As with the boys, it had been nearly three years since I saw Heather. We got her here by the skin of our teeth, but we got her here. And thank God we did! I don’t know that I would have been able to make it through this tremendous event in my life without my best friend by my side. She’s kept a smile on my face and has been a shoulder to lean on since sixth grade, and it meant so much to me that she was able to share in my big day.

After catching up with everyone and having a few drinks in the lobby, the girls said goodbye to the boys and headed up to Emily’s room to get my bachelorette party underway.

Katie and Danae showed up right after we reached the room, and the festivities started shortly there after. Katie and Emily had planned a “liquor and lace” party for me, and we celebrated with some sexy lingerie, vodka and wine. Judy ran out to get some rum, so by the time we got to the games, we were all feeling pretty “spirited.” ūüėČ

The games Katie planned for the night absolutley made the bachelorette party.

We started with a round of “Who REALLY Knows Ashley?”, during which my maids were made to answer the most¬†inappropriate¬†questions about me one could ever imagine. Poor Judy had to sit by as my girls tried to determine my favorite sex position, the craziest place Addam and I ever made “whoopie” and the little things Addam does to turn me on. While Judy should have won, as she was the only one to catch that every question was a trick and that I was really going to lose my virginity on my wedding day, in the end Courtney and Emily tied for first. Out of 10 questions, they both got 9. Heather was a close second, with 8.

The second game was a sexed up version of ¬†The Newlywed Game. Katie sent Addam a number of questions a few days before, and I had to guess his answers. Each time I answered correctly I received a prize. By the end of the night I was ready to take Miami by storm. I had received condoms, pregnancy tests, bachelorette pins (“Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot” and “Team Bride,” being two of my favorites), a tiara, a veil, a sash and a “Bride” tank top. The best gift? Knowing that Addam loves my “sexy biker legs.” ūüėČ While it wasn’t part of the game, Danae even surprised me with a gorgeous card box for the reception. I hadn’t even considered getting one, but it was one of the sweetest, classiest gifts I received all weekend.

While the games were fun, I’d be lying if I did not say that Judy was the life of the party! As horrified as she was during the games Katie planned, she was at the center of most of the festivities — blowing up and stuffing condoms while trying to hang them from my tiara. Most brides-to-be would probably squeam at the thought of their mother-in-law taking part in their bachelorette parties, but she was such a good sport that I wouldn’t have had it any other way. She definitely made it a night I, and my maids, will remember forever. In case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind — Judy Evans is a VERY good time.

After the games the girls and I said goodbye to Judy and headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and more drinks. (We made quite a show walking through The Hilton and the streets of Miami. I don’t think that anyone could argue that we were not the most enthusiastic group of girls in the entire city.)

By the time we got to the Hard Rock we were all starving, and I ordered two appetizers alone. (Spring rolls and bruschetta, anyone?) But while the food was great, my girls were even better. They made sure that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE in the entire¬†restaurant knew that I was a bride-to-be.¬†¬†While I’m not always one to be the center of attention, I freaking loved it! By the end of the night Emily and I were dancing our way past tables, and our waitress was supplying shots. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the night with my best girls.

After rocking out at the Hard Rock, the maids and I made our way back to The Hilton, where Emily and I lost a few girls in battle. Katie had to head home, and Courtney and Heather passed out as soon as their heads hit the Hilton pillows. Fortunately, after a few drinks and a lot of laughs, the boys were on their way back to us.

The guys had spent the night hitting up The Clevelander, which Addam and I last visited when his parents and Uncle Dave came down. After that they took a dive in South Beach and hung out at Johnny Rockets, where they found a very interesting man who gave them the news on how exactly to “smack that ass.” (The videos are amazing. Just take my word for it.)

After catching up with the boys and hearing about how wonderful their night was, I said goodbye to my maids and Addam and I caught a ride back to the North Side.

By that point Andrew, who the guys had left in the car to sleep off some of his excitement, was pretty exhausted. The guys and I goofed on him a bit and turned him into a bride before heading back to their hotel. (And just so everyone is clear — he HAS seen and cosigned this photo. I’m not that mean.)

Addam and I hung with the boys for a quick second before walking back to our apartment, which was only about four or five blocks from the hotel the guys were staying at. By that point we were so tired that we practically poured ourselves into bed — resting up for our wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and bridal shower the next day.

Rudy: “Let’s have a bachelor party with chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze!”
Gary: “Yeah! Yeah, yeah! All the things that make life worth living for!”Bachelor Party (1984).

3 Responses to “Weddapalooza: Thursday, August 18”

  1. Amye Beth Dellinger August 28, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    OMG nooo way were you a virgin! I don’t believe it. lol

  2. Chuck Bass August 28, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    Aww… SUCH a fun evening!!! Sorry I passed out so “early” (if you can call 3AM early! lol), but it was a blast anyway. Awesome, awesome memories! You summed it all up perfectly. I had an amazing time and I am SOOOOOO glad I was able to be there, even if I was a cranky preggo for part of it. Love you bunches!!!!! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

  3. judy evans August 29, 2011 at 8:19 am #


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