The Honeymoon Series: Friday, September 2

27 Sep

Judy and JoAnn surprised Addam and I with a one-night stay at the hotel of our choosing at our bridal shower, and we decided to talk full advantage. Addam found out about an awesome dubstep show on South Beach, and we planned our honeymoon around it. (Believe it or not, the show was actually called “The Honeymoon Series.” That really sealed the deal.)

After my Friday workday I biked across the Venetian Causeway to South Beach. There was a slight drizzle, but by the time I met Addam at The National the weather was perfect. Even though we were ready to hit the beach, we headed up the hotel room so that I could drop off my things.

The room was absolutely gorgeous, but nothing could compare to our amazing view! We were on the eighth floor, and our room looked out at both an Olympic-sized pool and the ocean. Hotel management surprised us with a bottle of champagne and some fresh strawberries, so after resting up Addam and I went down to the beach to get our honeymoon started right.

After a quick dip in the ocean, Addam and I decided to see what The National’s pool had to offer. It was really long and kind of reminded me of the one in front of the Washington Monument.

As exhausting as it looked, Addam challenged me to a race to the end. I’m not an extremely strong swimmer, but Addam has absolutely no body fat and tends to sink. My backstroke proved to be too much for him.

While we were swimming a fellow hotel guest told us that Addam’s dreds looked really cool while he was swimming underwater. We took a few shots and headed to our room to get ready for dinner.

Judy and JoAnn also surprised us with a nice dinner, so we headed down to the hotel’s restaurant around 7:30 p.m. or so. It was so nice out that we decided to eat outside, and the entire evening was incredibly peaceful. I kept telling Addam that I felt “so relaxed,” to which he’d laugh and tell me that that’s exactly what his mom says when she’s on vacation. I couldn’t help it. I was exactly where I wanted to be, and I was being pampered. As much fun as I had at the wedding, it felt really good to relax and enjoy my husband.

I had some spicy spaghetti and a vodka and Red Bull; Addam had a seafood pizza and a Jagerbomb. It was the best meal I’d had since the wedding. By dinner’s end we were refueled and ready to dance to some dubstep.

Back at the the hotel Addam and I hopped in the shower, poured some drinks and started getting ready for the show. As excited I was to get to the show, it was hard to leave the overwhelming comfort of our room!

We got ready relatively early and had some time to kill. We spent a lot of time sitting on a bench swing by the pool, waiting for the show to start and enjoying the calm. I don’t know if everyone was already at the club or if it was The National’s slow season, but we were the only ones outside. As much as we love a good party, it was nice to relax and take a break before a busy night. I’d count it among my honeymoon highlights.

After some much needed R and R, Addam and I set out for the Jackie Gleason Theater.

We got to the theater right before they started letting people in, so Addam and I chatted up some local Miamians who were waiting outside with us. Addam and I make friends wherever we go, and I’m glad that the honeymoon was no exception. We’ll probably never see them again, but we did catch up with them multiple times throughout the night.

Basshead started out the night, followed by Caligula. Caligula is a techno-grunge band from Australia. They got their start in the early 1990s but aren’t ridiculously well-known. Regardless, they were pretty good. I’ve seen them listed on some lineups since and would definitely check them out again.

Nothing, however, can compare to Zeds Dead — a dubstep duo from Canada. They followed Caligula and closed out the night. Addam and I started listening to them shortly after we moved to Miami, so I was much more familiar with them than with the other two bands. The show was incredibly high energy, and Addam and I were dancing until it let out around 1 a.m. or so. I don’t know if my legs have yet to completely recover.

I can’t describe how crazy the light show was, so to get a better idea of how our night went, check out Addam’s video below.

Addam and I were still pretty pumped up by the time we got back to the hotel. We headed out to the pool to see if anything was popping, but it was just as deserted as before we left.

The Delano next door, however, was raging. I hopped over a fence that separated the hotels and peered out from above an outdoor cabana, after which it was completely clear that Addam and I had to try to make our way over. We waited until someone left and slipped in within two minutes of reaching the hotel’s back door.

The Delano had a fabulous pool. Part of it was so shallow that the water barely hit our ankles as we waded through it. There were a ton of white cabanas set up, each with its own flat-screen TV. There were life-sized chess sets, bars and a masseuse — something for all tastes.

After hanging outside for awhile, Addam and I decided to test our luck and ventured into the hotel. As much fun as we had enjoying the night air, there was a huge party going on inside. We were significantly under-dressed, but after picking up a couple of drinks at the bar we didn’t care. We were just happy to be there.

Addam and I stayed for about an hour and spent most of our time watching a couple of break dancers tear up the dance floor. The DJ mainly stuck to pop/hip hop, which was kind of nice after a night of dubstep. We headed back to The National around 3:30 a.m., tired but no worse for wear.

I was completely exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel, but Addam was starving. Our honeymoon package included a meal voucher, so he ordered a chicken sandwich to the room. After Addam maxed out and picked at me for being so sleepy, we decided to call it a night. We poured into bed around 3:30 or 4 a.m. to rest up for another packed day.

” A husband may forget where he went on his honeymoon, but he never forgets why.” — Evan Esar, American humorist (1888-1995).

One Response to “The Honeymoon Series: Friday, September 2”

  1. judy evans September 28, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    Love it , Ashley! I’m so happy you had such a fabulous time – relaxing AND energizing 🙂
    I especially love the the ending quote 🙂

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