The Honeymoon Series: Saturday, September 3

5 Oct

Addam set an alarm for 8:30 Sunday morning so that we could enjoy a complementary breakfast buffet, and I’m really surprised that I managed to make it out of bed. I don’t usually like hotels, but I was so comfortable that I could have relaxed in our room all day. Fortunately, I was dedicated to making the most of our honeymoon and managed to get my butt up and moving.

After noming down some home fries and toast at the hotel restaurant, Addam and I headed back up to our room to pack up. It was hard to bring such a fabulous weekend to a close, but we made the most of every moment we had. We even took a quick dip in the pool before loading up our bikes and heading out.

Ever since we moved to Miami, I have been raving about how much I want to go parasailing, so to cap off our honeymoon Addam decided to take me on a ride over South Beach. We biked to the beach, signed waivers and sat in the sand until it was time to put on lifevests and hop onto the boat.

A motorized dinghy took us to the main boat. The ride was a bit choppy, but I didn’t start to get nervous until our driver started talking about how many jellyfish were in the waters. I’ve never been stung, but as he started pointing them out, I started to get a little ansty, especially since I knew that they were going to drop our feet into the water toward the end of the ride.

Fortunately Addam and I made it to the main boat before I decided to back out.

Addam’s a trailblazer, and I didn’t want my fear of jellyfish to cause me to chicken out, so we volunteered to go first.

As nervous as I was while they were strapping me in, I managed to leave all my fears on the mainland. I don’t know what I was expecting, but parasailing is incredibly peaceful. Everything was quiet and calm, and the height gave us an amazing view of the city.

Unfortunately, we also had a great view of jellyfish. The water was so clear that we could literally watch as clusters made their way through the Miami waves. After floating past schools of stingers, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to our big dip.

Thankfully, Addam and I both made it through unscathed. (I can’t say the same for a group that went after us. Two guys got a really bad start and were drug through the ocean for about five minutes. By the time their big dip came along the poor guys were so scared that they practically tried to pull their feet up over the sail.)

Once we were back on the beach it was time for Addam and I to bike home — officially ending honeymoon weekend. As hard as it was to say goodbye to the wonderful wedding festivities, we left South Beach with memories that will take us through the rest of our lives.

We’re just getting started, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

“When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.” — Elizabeth Bowen, Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer (1899-1973).

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