The Married Life: Mangos and Apple iPhones

24 Oct

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you thought I had forgotten all about you in my absence, but rest assured that I’m back and ready to blog. I’m practically champing at the bit. (You like that, silly Medillies?)

While I wish I had more to report, things have been relatively relaxed since the wedding. Addam and I have spent our weekends hitting up Miami hot spots, such as the Clevelander and Mangos — just enjoying our first few months as a married couple.

The two most common questions I’ve gotten since the big day has been, “How’s the married life?” and “Do you feel different?”  Being Mrs. Evans honestly couldn’t get much better. We’ve been together for eight years now, and I’ll be the first to admit that from an outside observer, not much seems to have changed. We go out, we stay in, we work hard and we play harder. Inside, however, it’s night and day.

I’ve always felt secure in mine and Addam’s relationship, but it’s easier to approach life with the confidence that we’ll be side-by-side throughout every challenge and every celebration. I can’t explain it except to say that being married has influenced the way I approach each day.

Putting the wedding aside (as I am sure you are all absolutely sick of hearing about it),  Addam and I have a big announcement to make. After eight years, fair winds and following seas, we are proud to announce that we are putting our relationship to the test and becoming…

iPhone users! (Sorry — after all the wedding talk I kind of had to 😉 )

Yes, after years of living comfortably under an unmobile rock, Addam and I have smartened up and purchased real phones. Mine’s white, his is black, and our cases should be delivered in a week or so. While I feel like we’ve been so consumed with our new little toys that we’ve barely looked at each other in the past week, we’re very much enjoying the benefits of living social.

That being said, I wanted to introduce everyone to the apps that have pretty much consumed my life for the past 10 days. I’m sure everyone who is reading this is already familiar with them, but throw me a bone! I’m a newby and I’m excited.

1. Words With Friends

It’s essentially just like Scrabble, but being a bit of a wordsmith, I really enjoy trying to piece together the longest seven letter-or-less word I can pull out of my tiles. I’m always looking for a new challenge, so feel free to start up a game. You can find me on Facebook or by searching

2.The New York Times

As a one time subscriber to the print edition, I know just how expensive this paper can get. Luckily — I can read all the latest headlines at the click of a button. (Or the move of a finger, I guess I should say…) The app comes free with the iPhone’s Newsstand feature, and if your evenly mildly interested in the world around you, I’d recommend downloading it.

3. Angry Birds

Most. Addictive. Game. Ever. I’m sure everyone and their mother has heard of it, but the concept is essentially very simple. You slingshot some “angry birds” into a fortress of pigs in an attempt to kill as many of them as you possibly can. Once you destroy them all, you advance to the next level. And it’s much harder than you think. You have to pinpoint the exact angle that the bird needs to hit to cause the most destruction, and after a few rounds it can seem more than impossible. As a vegan, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit attempting to roast little, green porkers.

4. Photoshop

This app won’t let you do as much as you can do on your computer, but it definitely comes close. As a long-time photo buff, I appreciate anything that helps me quickly jazz up my photos, and Photoshop can do that and a lot more. Crop, cut or color correct — this app can do it all.

5. Skype

Ladies and gentleman — I can finally Skype! For those who are not familiar, the application allows users to video chat with friends near and far. My computer doesn’t have a camera, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the application until procuring an iPhone. Now that I have it, I plan to use it as much as possible! I’ve only used it once, to chat with my favorite little Alpha, Emily Ann, but I intend to jump on whenever I can. It’s a fabulous way to keep in touch.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Instagram — Who doesn’t like really retro looking photos? No one I’d like to sit down and have a coffee with. This app doesn’t let you do as much as the PC or Mac version of Photoshop does, but it’s a quick way to turn a photo from blab to fab in a few quick clicks.
  • IMDb Trivia — Test your cinematic knowledge in this movie trivia game. As a movie buff, this app definitely helps me kill time while waiting for the No. 9 bus to finally reach my stop.
  • Chess With Friends — From the makers of Words With Friends, this app lets you challenge buddies to a drawn-out chess match. I’ve always stunk at the game, but I’ve gotten a bit better since I started playing it with Addam on a daily. It takes a lot longer to finish a game than it would during a traditional chess match, but it’s always fun to look down while I’m working and see that Addam has made another move. (Unless he’s captured my queen — that gets me every time!)
  • Thicket — Described as “an audiovisual world of texture, movement, line and tone,” I’d recommend this app to anyone who has made it to Bonnaroo. You create sounds and shapes by moving your finger across the touch screen, and after awhile it can get a little mesmerizing. Words can’t do it justice, so try it out.
  • WordPress — That’s right, ladies and gents! I can officially report to you live, via my iPhone. I’m not very quick on the texting yet, and I doubt that I could ever upload a full post, but I’ll definitely send a few live pics your way to keep you up to date on my Miami happenings.

I’m still new to the iPhone, so if you know of any developments that I should check out, feel free to leave a comment. I’m always interested in new apps!

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something —  your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” — Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder (1955-2011).

2 Responses to “The Married Life: Mangos and Apple iPhones”

  1. judy evans October 25, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    Thanks for the update , Ashley! I LOVE THE NOVITIATE!!!
    I’m so glad you and Addam are enjoying your iPhones so much – they really are …..magical?? I am NOT a techy and I love mine 🙂
    I also appreciate the overview of your apps. I, for one, did not know about some of those. Have you heard of “Shazam”? Check it out!
    Love you,

  2. Emily Evans October 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    I love you, big sister! And also, I don’t care if anyone else is “sick” of hearing about the wedding….I can’t get enough. Glad you threw the little married life update in there 🙂 xoxo

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