Big Brother 2012 Casting Calls: Cameo, Miami Beach

7 May

Everyone who’s met me knows that I take Big Brother very seriously. For those of you who are less familiar with the show — each summer about 12 to 14 houseguests are picked to compete in a three-month long power struggle for a half million dollars. Contestants are recorded 24/7 and receive no outside contact while in the house.

After following the show through 12 seasons, I applied last year in St. Petersburg but did not make the final cut. This year I got to apply in Miami, with the support of my handsome husband.

Following work on Friday, May 4 (May the fourth be with you, always), Addam and I headed down to Miami Beach to prepare for our auditions. Addam decided to apply with me, so we spent an hour or so taking some new head and body shots by the beach. While Addam’s came out a lot better than mine, I think our photos draw on classic Miami culture and will (hopefully) help us stand out.

After printing our photos at a Walgreens on South Beach and changing into our audition outfits, Addam and I headed over to Cameo for the 7:00 p.m. casting call.   We got there a little early, so we hung at a little Mexican restaurant to enjoy a short happy hour while we waited.

Once in line, time flew. I managed to make my way on to the VIP audition list this year, so I got to try out with the first group of hopefuls. Producers pulled eight of us into the club as soon as I got there, and after filling out a quick application I was directed to the back of the building for a quick question and answer session.

Producers asked my group to describe ourselves and why we should be on Big Brother. Last year seemed a bit more informal, so I was a little shocked when they started calling out applicants. If someone said they were funny, producers asked them to tell a joke. If they said they were strong, producers asked them to drop down for 10 push ups. It was pretty wild.

I didn’t get a lot of heat. Producers asked how I managed to get on the VIP list and inquired about my husband when I said that we’d both be attending Ohio University in the fall. Addam said that he suggested that CBS do a couples twist this season — so maybe they’ll take his suggestion to heart. 😉

The coolest part of my audition, however, was getting to meet Porsche and Andrew, two ex-BB houseguests. I never much liked Porsche throughout her season (mainly because she never did anything) and Captain Kosher was a bit of a douche during the casting call, but it was cool to meet people who had actually made it onto the show. I definitely snagged a picture with Porsche as I made my way out.

Addam was called inside just as I was exiting my interview, so I got to hang out with fellow fans while he auditioned. I recognized a number of people I had met last year, so it was neat to catch up with people who love the show (nearly) as much as I do.

When Addam came out he reported that his audition was similar to mine, only producers asked his group who they’d vote to evict out of the eight or so present. Nearly everyone said that they’d evict Addam for being likeable and competitive, so he received quite the recommendation. (How could producers not cast someone who made such an immediate impression?!)

Once both auditions were complete, Addam and I hopped on our bikes and headed home to wait for a call back. We should back in the next couple of weeks, so keep your figures crossed for us! In the meantime — we’ll continue to expect the unexpected. 🙂

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“Expect the unexpected.” — Big Brother tagline.

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