Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the MIA

7 May

Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.

Each year Addam plans a big camping trip or cookout on Cinco de Mayo weekend, so it was no surprise that he requested to have the fifth off. He’d been pulling recipes and penning grocery lists for the last week, so I knew that this year’s cookout was going to be just as good as in years past.

Addam and I packed up the bikes and headed to the park at about 3 p.m., making a brief stop at Publix to pick up some last minute items that we’d need for the bar-b-que. Once we got to Morningside Park I realized that I forgot to grab some buns, so I ran back to the apartment while Addam set up our shade tent.

As soon as I got back Addam set up the grill, while I shucked corn and settled into a book. (I’ve been reading The Southern Vampire Mysteries, which is the series on which the show True Blood is based. My best friend, Heather, got me into the books, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone with a lot of time on their hands. You won’t be able to put them down once you start.)

Our good friend Tatiana showed up around 6:30 p.m. — right when the grill was nice and hot and our food was almost done cooking. I had made guacamole and avocado mango salsa the night before, so we had plenty to munch on while we waited. As soon as everything was off the grill we sat down to a feast of steak, lobster, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and vegan chicken burgers. (Guess who had the latter?)

Everyone was stuffed by the time we finished eating, so we sat back, listened to music and stared the moon while our stomach’s settled. Cinco de Mayo marked the largest moon of the year, so before heading back to the apartment we made our way down to the bay to watch it hang over the water. It was a fabulous way to end a fantastic afternoon.

Unfortunately, getting home wasn’t quite as easy as getting to the park. We had three people and two bikes, and after a bit of trial and error we decided that it would be easiest if I rode with Addam while Tati biked our stuff back. Tati’s bike was packed to the brim, but she somehow managed to make it back to our place unscathed (short a few stumbles).

Tati hung out at the apartment until John was due to get off work, then headed home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with her man. As much as we would have loved to have him at the cookout, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time. Not to mention — there will be plenty of time to BBQ at BONNAROOOOOOOO! (30 days and counting.)

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“Three things are needed for a good life — good friends, good food and good song.” — Jason Zebehazy, author.


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