Blogaroo: Day 3: Dispatch

3 Jun

Dispatch is a Boston-based indie/roots band that was active from 1996 to 2002. While the band took a decade-long hiatus, they’re back in action just in time for Bonnaroo. Following a 2011 national tour, the group released a self-titled EP containing six new songs. It was their first all-new release since 2000.

The band includes Brad Corrigan (vocals, drums, guitar, percussion and harmonica),  Pete Francis Heimbold (vocals, bass and guitar) and Chad Urmston (vocals, guitar, bass and percussion). Their music crosses several genres, including acoustic folk-rock, reggae and funk.

I didn’t really know much about Dispatch until Addam started listening to them after the Bonnaroo lineup was announced, but we both dove into their music headfirst once we started following them. They describe themselves as a “funk and reggae-packed rock band,” so I’m sure you understand the appeal — especially to a couple of new-age hippies like my husband and I.

The General is probably their most popular song, so take a look and appreciate the sound.

Dispatch is set to play at 8:30 on Saturday night and I cannot wait! There is not a single artist playing on any of Roo’s five main stages during their set, so there’s no excuse for not making it out. And, honestly — who needs one? Dispatch is can’t miss.


  • Silent Steeples (1996)
  • Bang Bang (1998)
  • Four-Day Trials (1999)
  • Who Are We Living For? (2000)
  • Gut the Van (2001)
  • All Points Bulletin (2004)
  • Zimbabwe (2007)
  • Circles Around the Sun (2012)
  • Dispatch EP (2011)

Sounds Like:

Songs to Listen For:

  1. Bang Bang
  2. Out Loud
  3. Two Coins
  4. Railway
  5. Con Man

Times at Roo: 0

Times I’ve Seen Them: 0

“All the men held tall with their chests in the air, with courage in their blood and a fire in their stare. It was a grey morning and they all wondered how they would fare ’til the old general told them to go home.” — Dispatch, The General, Bang Bang (1998).

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