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17 Apr

Addam and I are pleased to announce that we have been accepted to Ohio University and will be attending this fall!

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The Married Life: Mangos and Apple iPhones

24 Oct

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you thought I had forgotten all about you in my absence, but rest assured that I’m back and ready to blog. I’m practically champing at the bit. (You like that, silly Medillies?)

While I wish I had more to report, things have been relatively relaxed since the wedding. Addam and I have spent our weekends hitting up Miami hot spots, such as the Clevelander and Mangos — just enjoying our first few months as a married couple.

The two most common questions I’ve gotten since the big day has been, “How’s the married life?” and “Do you feel different?”  Being Mrs. Evans honestly couldn’t get much better. We’ve been together for eight years now, and I’ll be the first to admit that from an outside observer, not much seems to have changed. We go out, we stay in, we work hard and we play harder. Inside, however, it’s night and day.

I’ve always felt secure in mine and Addam’s relationship, but it’s easier to approach life with the confidence that we’ll be side-by-side throughout every challenge and every celebration. I can’t explain it except to say that being married has influenced the way I approach each day.

Putting the wedding aside (as I am sure you are all absolutely sick of hearing about it),  Addam and I have a big announcement to make. After eight years, fair winds and following seas, we are proud to announce that we are putting our relationship to the test and becoming…

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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

28 Nov

Weekends are typically slow, but today I managed to keep busy.

Addam didn’t have to work until 2 p.m., so we got to spend the morning together. We didn’t do much, but it was nice to wake up slow and enjoy the few hours we get to be with each other.  Last night Addam brought home The Karate Kid and The  Book of Eli, which we were up late into the night watching.  Once we were awake and moving we put on the former and rewatched it until it was time for Addam to head out.

I biked to Publix and returned the movies as soon as Addam left, then ran by this Haitian cafeteria near our apartment to get an egg and cheese sandwich.  I needed to fuel up.  Yoga and I had a very busy afternoon planned.

The little girl and I spent the day at the Urbayne Biscayne Art Show.  The event took place about three blocks from my house and was basically a big celebration of the arts.

Artists lined the streets, painting murals and selling wares. The event stretched 10 blocks, but the majority of the activity was happening around 75th and Biscayne, which is where Yoga and I spent most of our afternoon.

Yoga absolutely loved it, and everyone loved her. She, as always, was the life of the party.  There were vendors set up all over the place, and I don’t know if she spent more time running through the freshly-cut grass or begging attendees for bits of food. Either way, there were literally more people taking photos of her than of the paintings.

I didn’t have money to pick up any food, but the vendors where only a small part of the event. Bands were playing throughout the day and artists were constantly making their way in and out, so there was always something to do. Part of what made Chicago so awesome was the fact that there was always something free and fun going on in the city, no matter the day of the week.  I’m glad that I’m finally starting to find something similar in Miami.

Yoga and I spent a couple of hours at the event, but the baby demanded to stop by the park on the way home.  She was so good the entire afternoon that I could not deny the little blue some fun.  We took the long way back to the apartment, but before we left I had to get a photo of her near this giant, orange peace sign, provided by Luis Jimenez Sculptures.  She was a little scared, but the photo was so cute I died a little.

The girl got her energy out in the park, and has been lazing around for the rest of the afternoon.  I, on the other hand, have been busy cleaning the apartment and washing dishes in preparation for all the family Addam and I have coming in next week.

Now that the apartment is clean and the puppy is pooped, I plan to spend the rest of my evening watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. As soon as Addam gets home we are going to dig out the decorations and put up our litte Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It might not be a lot, but if you knew how much better it made me felt to come home after a long day at work and plug in the lights, you’d understand why I bother putting it up each year.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” — Pablo Picasso, artist (1881-1973).

Back to business

22 Nov

Hello again, everyone!  Sorry for the hiatus.  I’m in the process of reformatting my blog and took everything down for awhile.  I know it’s still pretty empty up here, but I have to sift through three months of material, which is taking a lot longer than I expected.  I threw some of my better posts back up so that it wasn’t completely empty on my first day back. Expect some more material to appear in upcoming weeks, as well as a ton of new updates, because I’m finally back in business.

I’d like to say that tremendous things have happened since I last updated, but everything’s been pretty much the same.  I’ve been working five days a week and relaxing on the weekends.

Addam was home this past Saturday and Sunday, which, if you know anything about the restaurant industry, is as close to a miracle as you can get, especially considering he’s asked for  every weekend in December off.  We’re having family come in from Ohio next month.  His parents and uncle will be coming down the weekend after Thanksgiving, and his sister and her boyfriend, Ryan, are coming to Miami for a cruise the next week.  They’re going to stay with us the weekends before and after.  Super excited!  It’s been so long since we’ve seen any of the fam, and I’ve never gotten to meet Emily’s fella.

Saturday was the Bayside Rocks Festival, so we went downtown to see if we could catch part of the show.  We didn’t have money to get in, so we spent most of the day walking around the city and straining to hear any bits of Steel Pulse and Bunny Wailer that we could catch.  Which wasn’t too much, but we still had fun.

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