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Hello, stranger: A fall semester round-up

7 Jan

While this very well may have been the biggest break I’ve taken since I started this blog, rest assured that there is a story behind my absence. The story of a Ph.D. student struggling to stay on top of her classes and keep up on sleep while maintaining a small semblance of a social life. That being said — I wanted to update everyone on some of the greater happenings of this semester.

I’ll start by saying that Ohio University has been very good to me. My fall semester consisted of Introduction to Graduate Study, a journalism teaching seminar, Research Methods, Mass Communication Theory, Ethics, Internet and Society, and Thursday night bull-sessions at Jackie O’s.

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Happy Mothers Day!!

13 May

Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms out there, especially my own! Mom, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for all that you’ve done and for all that you continue to do.

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” — Mark Twain, author (1835-1910).

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the MIA

7 May

Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.

Each year Addam plans a big camping trip or cookout on Cinco de Mayo weekend, so it was no surprise that he requested to have the fifth off. He’d been pulling recipes and penning grocery lists for the last week, so I knew that this year’s cookout was going to be just as good as in years past.

Addam and I packed up the bikes and headed to the park at about 3 p.m., making a brief stop at Publix to pick up some last minute items that we’d need for the bar-b-que. Once we got to Morningside Park I realized that I forgot to grab some buns, so I ran back to the apartment while Addam set up our shade tent.

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Home for the Holidays: Athens, Ohio, Dec. 21-Dec. 28

19 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays were as good to you as they were to me.

This year Addam and I were fortunate enough to spend Christmas with his family in Athens, Ohio — whom we saw at the wedding in August but have missed every day since.

After waking up and packing up our last-minute necessities on Wednesday morning, Addam and I headed to the bus stop by our house and set out for Miami International Airport.

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Holiday preparations and celebrations

19 Dec

It’s Christmastime in the Evans house!

Addam and I have spent the past few weeks decorating for the holidays and stocking up on gifts. While we knocked the majority of our shopping out in one night (give or take a few hours on ebay), we’ve made an effort to stretch out the season as best we can.

Although I’m sure everyone reading this already knows, Addam and I are spending the holidays at his parents’ house in Athens, Ohio. Even though Emily, Ryan, Steve, Judy and Dave visited us around this time last year, it’s been two years since we’ve had a real, family Christmas, and we’re very much looking forward to the trip.

We leave this Wednesday and return the following Wednesday — just in time to ring in the new year in the MIA. As fun as that should be, I can’t wait to get away for the holidays. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas at 75 degrees, especially without family close.

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Fall festivities in the MIA

28 Nov

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing, and filling, Thanksgiving.

Now that Christmas is right around the corner I thought that it was finally time to update everyone on my fall festivities. I’ve been really busy with work, so I hope you’ll forgive me for being a little behind.

Miami Today had its annual Halloween party last month, and Jean went all out this year. She covered all our break room windows in black garbage bags, set up flashing white lights and drowned the place in cobwebs.

Since our party fell on Halloween day a few people dressed up for the occasion. We had a couple of witches, a doctor, an inmate, a hippie, a knight and a ghost – all of which looked absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t get a costume together with enough time to dress up, but I did get to rock one of my old Rocky Horror Picture Show shirts, and that’s always fun.

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Celebrating independence

8 Jul

Happy Friday all! I know it’s been awhile, but with the short work week, I’ve been extremely busy writing articles and editing profiles nearly every evening. That said, I hope everyone had an amazing Forth of July weekend.

Addam had to work Saturday and Sunday, but we both had Monday off. In an effort to make the most of the holiday, we planned a cookout with our good friends John and Tati. John’s brother knew a guy with a yacht, so we decided to spend our Independence Day grilling out on the water.

After packing up some eats and hiding the dog, Addam and I hopped on the bus and headed out. It’s always a feat getting Yoga to stay quiet long enough to sneak her anywhere, but she was on her game. Despite running a little late, we got to our destination without incident.

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To, for and because of my mom

8 May

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d post a photo blog highlighting some of my mom and my earliest memories. Like any mother/daughter duo, we’ve had our rough patches, but we’re finally starting to pull the pieces together. Our relationship is stronger now that it’s ever been, and I wanted to take a moment to thank the most important person in my life for all that she’s done.

I may have accomplished a lot in my 24 years, but I could not have done anything without my mother’s support and understanding.

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Everybody’s having fun out here

2 Jan

After a weekend of wrestling with my internet provider, I’ve finally rid myself of connectivity issues, leaving myself free to post an update on how I spent my New Year.

While I thought I was going to spend the night watching movies and waiting for Addam to get home, the Eve ended up being far better than I expected.

Addam had to work until about 12:30 a.m., so I rang in the New Year with Tati, who came over around 10:00 p.m. or so. We spent the evening drinking FourLocos and watching movie after funny movie. We were honestly not paying much attention to anything but each other and almost missed the countdown entirely. I had the ball drop streaming on my laptop and happened to look down when there was 45 seconds to go.

We were about halfway through Zack and Miri Make a Porno when Vicki showed up. We rewound the flick about a million times, but we were all so distracted that we had given up on following the plot when Addam finally got off work. Once he was home we basically just sat around shooting the breeze and watching movies until we all passed out in the living room. Addam woke everyone up at the end of Avatar, and we all waited together for Vicki and Tati’s bus to come. No one fell out of a tree this go around, so I’d say the night was a great success.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful.  Addam pulled in more than 40 hours this week, so I’ve spent most of my time alone in the apartment, with a sweet little puppy to keep me company. Addam’s actually at work right now, and it’s looking like I’ll be able to fit in a few more movies before he gets home.

In other news —

My Aunt Martha is sounding better each time I talk to her, so thank you to everyone who has been keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. She’s still in the hospital, but she’s starting to walk more and knows what signs to look for in case anything were to happen in the future. I’ll make sure to update everyone as soon as there are any new developments, but I’m really hoping that everything just keeps improving.

I’m still planning a wedding update — I just need to secure all the dress photos before I post. I know that a bunch of my bridesmaids have been waiting to see what I’m considering and I promise, promise, promise — they’re coming soon! Trust that I have not forgotten about you!

And lastly — my little sista, Emily Ann, starts her second quarter at Ohio University tomorrow!  Good luck my love, even though last quarter has shown that you definitely do not need it. I know that you’ll be just as successful this go around and, as always, I am here if you ever need me. I always keep you close.

“Everybody’s having fun out here. They drinking, they fighting, they pissing in the streets. It’s New Year’s Eve. They loving the ladies.” — Disco Cabbie, 200 Cigarettes, 1999.

Palm tree Christmas

26 Dec
I wasn’t going to post today, because I really don’t have much to report, but I figured that there are a select number of you out there who were wondering how I spent my holiday. I’m going to apologize ahead of time — I didn’t do anything fun or exciting. It was really a bit of a throw-away day for me, so I’m going to keep this as short as possible.
I was off of work on Friday, but I didn’t really do much of anything besides sleep.  Addam was off too, so he rented a couple of movies. We spent the day watching The Other Guys, which was insanely funny, especially if you get down on Mark Wahlberg, and some straight-to-DVD movie about the Manson Family, which was really….strange. (We’re not psychos, but Addam and I have a sick fascination with true murder-mystery stories. The Manson Family, Amityville, that sort of thing.)
Other than that, Addam and I really didn’t get into much. I know that toward the end of the night he wanted to open stockings, but I had already opened mine weeks ago so that was pretty anti-climatic. Yoga seemed to enjoy the toys and treats she got, and after the girl had a few bites of dog-friendly peanut butter cookies we all headed to bed.
Saturday was Christmas, but it definitely didn’t feel like it.  After three weekends with Steve, Judy, Dave, Emily and Ryan, it was hard spending the holiday alone. And we were really, really alone. No one stopped by, and we didn’t go visit anyone either. (We’d been invited to some Christmas Eve cookout but didn’t go because it was over an hour away, and neither one of us felt liking bussing it.)
We opened gifts, but again, I had opened most of mine weeks ago, so there were only a couple of things for me to unwrap. Addam and my big gift for the year was getting our wedding location set, so we spent a little bit of time planning our next big steps. (AKA — reception, food, chairs, tables, music). Other than that we spent the day watching Home Alone 2 and taking Yoga on a walk through the park.
After a long nap Addam and I biked half-way across the bridge to Miami Beach and filled up on chinese buffet. (God bless chinese food — it was literally the only place open, and Addam and I had absolutely nothing in the apartment to eat.) Not your typical Christmas, but not…terrible, I guess. I mean. I got to eat, even if I did feel way too full after.
Today’s also been pretty low-key. Addam went to work around 1 p.m., and I spent the rest of the day watching wedding movies on TV. Apparently everyone gets engaged over the holidays, because it seems like as soon as the Christmas movies end, the wedding ones start. I’ve watched Made of Honor, Monster-In-Law and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ok, ok, so the last one isn’t a wedding movie, but after the weekend I’ve had I could use a good laugh.
“Do they still make wooden Christmas Trees?” — Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts.