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Keeping House: Marriage and moving in Athens, Ohio

21 Aug

Hello all!

As it’s been a hot minute since my last post, I thought I’d take tonight to update my loyal readers on what I have been up to since my move to Athens, Ohio.

Addam and I have moved into our own little home at 47 1/2 South May Avenue, and after a few weeks of lugging loads and unpacking boxes, it is finally starting to feel like home. We don’t have a lot of extra storage space, but we’ve made do with what we have, and it’s coming together quite nicely.

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“Yes” to the dress

8 Nov

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and are enjoying their last hours of relaxation.  I’m using my extra hour to send you guys a wedding update.

Save the Dates

First and foremost — I have designed Addam and my “save the dates.”  We’re not sending them out until we’re absolutely positive that we have a location set, but we’re hoping to have all that squared away in the next couple of weeks.  So, in the meantime, a sneak peek:

I’d like to switch out the photo with something a little more formal, but I gotta work with what I have on hand, and this is what I have.

Now that we have a date and a location basically set, I need to start thinking about the more girly aspects of the wedding, a.k.a. colors and dresses.


I’ve already stated that I’m not really one to get too mushy over wedding dresses, but I think that I may have found a few options I actually like.

Number 1: The Ideal

I love this dress.  It’s playful, it’s bohemian and it’s classic.  I love the layered look of the necklaces and I love how the lace helps accentuate the simple design.  I’ve said on here before that I have no desire to feel like a princess on my big day, and I think that this dress is simple, yet elegant.  Very fitting for a beach wedding.

The only obstacle will be finding it!  This isn’t your typical pick, and I think I could very well spend more time looking for something like this than I’d ever spend wearing it.  Regardless, I have to try.  This one is perfect.

(Note that I have yet to try this on yet.  I could hate it as soon as I saw how I looked in it.  This is my preliminary, open, opinion.)

Number 2:  The Close Second

While I’m in love with the first dress, this one comes pretty close.  I hate anything strapless, so sleeves are a must.  Unfortunately, this pick takes that requirement a little too far.  If I was to go with this option I’d definitely cut out the puffy slide sleeves and go with the sheer layer that sits over the base of the shoulders.  I think this dress would be near perfect with just a few alterations.

Like the first dress, this one has a very classic, almost Shakespearian feel that I really appreciate.  It almost reminds me of something Juliet would wear — romantic but not overdone.

I also have to say, that while I was considering a very layered look in terms of jewelry, I like the simplicity shown in this photograph.  The model’s necklace carries a lot of weight and creates a nice balance with her pearl earrings.

(P.S. I just have to say, that I never knew how much I would like lace when picking out a wedding dress.  I’ve noticed that most of my picks feature the fabric, which kind of surprises me.  It seems girly, and I’ve never considered myself very feminine.)

Number 3: The Vintage Pick

Ok, ok, so this is really just an idea I’m playing with, but as it’s still early, I don’t want to rule anything out.  I really love vintage looks and old-school styles, and I love how this dress just screams 1940s.

I think it’s a combination of the hair and back.  It’s so classic.  I’m undecided on the long sleeves — I think that depending on the dress it could either look really fabulous or really ’80s, which is a thin but very important line.  I do not want anyone to think about The Wedding Singer as I make my way down the aisle.

I also have to mention that I think there may be just too much dress here, especially for a beach wedding.  Miami is freaking hot, and I don’t want anything weighing me down.

From a logistics standpoint, I don’t know how well a long train would handle the sand…I know I’m only wearing this thing once, but I’d rather not ruin it by the end of the night.  Nor would I want to look like a hot mess on my big day.

The Maids

One of my worst fears are that my maids are going to hate what they’re wearing, so I plan to involve everyone in the selection process.  In the meantime, this is what I’m thinking.  (PLEASE, maids, let me know your opinions!)

Option 1: The Trio

While I don’t want to go with any of these styles, I love the idea of having each of my bridesmaids in similar versions of the same dress.  This way there is a common tie, but everyone is unique.  It will also give the wedding party a little more say over what they walk down the aisle in.

I do have to say that I’d like Emily and Heather, my maid and matron of honors, to stand out.  In this photo the bride obviously chose to go with a shorter dress, and I’m open to that option.  I don’t really know what else I’d consider at this point, but I’m open to ideas — so please send them my way!  Maybe a bow or special flowers for the ladies?  Maybe they could wear their hair down as opposed to up?  Maybe they should wear flowers in their hair, or have a special piece of jewelry?  I have no idea, but I guess I have awhile to figure it all out.

I’ll let Addam figure out what he wants to do in terms of his groomsmen.  I don’t think he’s going to want his best man walking anyone down the aisle in shorts, but I’m sure he’ll think of something special for Ben.

Option 2: The V-Neck

Again, I need to check with my wedding party, but I really like a strong v-neck.  I love how it complements the high waist in this photo.  It just looks so classy.  I also  love the elegance of the down-do paired with the low back.

Not just that, I think this would work really well given that it’s going to be a summer wedding in a tropical location.  I don’t want my girls to be miserably hot the entire time, and this seems like a pretty light option.

My only concern with this dress is I have no idea how I could switch it up for each member of my wedding party.  It’s kind of a standard look, and I don’t know that I’d like the dress as much if it was full length.  I guess at this point I need to keep searching through photos and weighing my options.

Either way, I think the dress fits the “vintage” feel I’m going for.

The good side of this whole dilemma is — all of my maids are beautiful, so they’d look good in paper bags.  I really can’t go wrong no matter what I end up picking.  That always helps.

That’s it for tonight guys, but please, please, please leave me comments offering up any advice or opinions.  I need all the help I can get!

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” — Vera Wang, fashion designer.