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Big Brother 2012 Casting Calls: Cameo, Miami Beach

7 May

Everyone who’s met me knows that I take Big Brother very seriously. For those of you who are less familiar with the show — each summer about 12 to 14 houseguests are picked to compete in a three-month long power struggle for a half million dollars. Contestants are recorded 24/7 and receive no outside contact while in the house.

After following the show through 12 seasons, I applied last year in St. Petersburg but did not make the final cut. This year I got to apply in Miami, with the support of my handsome husband.

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“Sunk from a riot of relaxation”

10 Jul

While it was hard to bounce into the work week after such fun Fourth of July festivities, Addam and I made the most of it.

Missing a day makes Tuesday deadlines a little harder to meet, but after powering through production day I had a moment to catch my breath and start thinking about the wedding.

Addam and I met with a planner on Thursday to discuss everything we’ve done and everything we need to do. Her name is Ana, and after checking out her portfolio and sitting down with her I know that she’s going to do absolutely everything in her power to make sure the day is as close to perfect as possible. Since the wedding is a little more than a month away,  I was worried that she might not have enough time to pull everything together. Once I heard that she planned her own wedding in three weeks, my fears pretty much went flying out the window.

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Bucket list item 1: Audition for Big Brother

24 Apr

As many of you have probably already heard via my Facebook, Twitter or various other social media accounts, I recently had the opportunity to audition for Big Brother 13 — a show I have been following since its first year. While I went in knowing it was a long shot, I’ve loved the show for far too long not to try. I probably won’t make it on, but it definitely won’t be for lack of effort.

I woke up bright and early the morning of my audition, which was difficult considering I was up half the night trying to perfect my head and body shots. Coupled with the fact that I was so excited that I could barely sleep, and it’s easy to see why I had to stop for a strong cup of coffee before making my way to the casting call.

After  fueling up for a long day, I ran by Walmart to develop my audition photos. While I was waiting in line I noticed that two of the people ahead of me were also trying out for the show, so I took a few minutes to size-up my competition. The girl hadn’t filled out her application and seemed a little unprepared. The guy was a good ol’ boy from Tennessee, mid-40s and draped in a Budweiser T-shirt.  You never know what producers are looking for, but I was completely nervous, as I made my way to the casting call.

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