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Smells Like Funk: The Black Eyed Peas’ final show

5 Dec

Addam and I have been peabodies since my freshman year in college, shortly after the group added Fergie and  headed into their first tour as a foursome. We saw them play a half-empty James Madison University convention center in 2004, slowly sneaking closer to the stage with every song. It was one of the first shows we saw together, and one that’s stayed with us despite the hundreds we’ve seen since.

I remember hanging out outside the building after the show, watching as roadies lugged equipment onto the tour bus. I remember the shock I felt when I saw Apl.de.ap bring out an amp, followed by Taboo. I remember chatting with them about how much I enjoyed the performance — grabbing autographs and waiting an hour for Will.i.am to make his way to the bus. I remember how suave and soulful he was once he did. I remember Fergie taking her sweet ass time to make it out of her dressing room and having to line up for her autograph, not knowing if she’d stop and sign the 8″x11″ photo I had of the opening band. I remember how happy I was when she did. I remember that she was short, sweet and soft, and I remember telling her how much I enjoyed the show. I remember her sincere smile as she thanked me and moved on to the next adoring fan.

It was an amazing night, and I’ve enjoyed seven fabulous years of Black Eyed Peas music since. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…or at least take a hiatus.

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Weddapalooza: Saturday, August 20, Part III

19 Sep

The car was packed on the way to Jungle Island, but everyone was so excited that the tight quarters didn’t bother anyone.  As soon as we got there Addam and I headed up the to second floor for our cocktail hour, as it was already underway and we wanted the bridal party to enjoy the reception as much as possible.

Caterers were passing around nine appetizers, but since I’m vegan I could only enjoy the vegetable spring rolls with ginger plum sauce. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I scarfed down a few of them as soon as I got there. Just so everyone knows, our hor d’oeures included:

  • Large fried shrimp with apricot-horseradish sauce
  • Conch fritters with key lime mustard sauce
  • Brie and raspberry en croute
  • Lobster fritters with red pepper aioli
  • Beef empanadas
  • Assorted dim sum with ginger soy sauce
  • Vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce
  • Sesame chicken with oriental ginger sauce
  • Crabmeat turnovers

After welcoming everyone to the reception, Ana pulled Addam and I aside so we could check out the reception room before guests had a chance to make their way in. Everything looked absolutely perfect, and we were very pleased with how everything came together. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was completely blown away.

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