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Happy Hunger Games! My film favorites.

28 Mar

Happy Hunger Games, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the movie as much as I did.

As should come as no surprise, I headed down to Aventura last Thursday night for the midnight showing — arriving about an hour early so I could be sure to secure a solid spot.

The theater was packed, and the crowd was pretty crazy. A woman behind me was dressed as Effie Trinket, the District 12 escort — complete with a pink wig and flower headdress. A line of pre-teens was practically lined out the door to take a photo with her.

I wish I had half her patience. While I was definitely not the oldest one there, I was far from the youngest. As happy as I was to see the movie, I don’t know that I could I have listened to one more girl discuss how much they loved Peeta. (Not to mention — I totally missed the entire Breaking Dawn: Part 2 teaser because the crowd couldn’t stop shrieking for the 20-second clip. Lame.)

But alas, the movie started and it was absolutely incredible. This post will focus on my favorite scenes, the scenes that surprised me the most and the scenes I wanted to see but didn’t. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

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“The Rum Diary” – as seen by a H.S.T. fan

9 Nov

It’s been a while since The Rum Diary hit audiences, but it should come as no surprise that Addam and I were at the theater on opening night. Unfortunately as excited, and as nervous, as I was to see Hunter S. Thompson’s first published work on film, I found the movie very disappointing.

After work I biked over to South Beach, where I met with Addam. We had about three hours to kill, so we had a couple of drinks by the beach and shared a meal at a nearby hookah bar before making our way to the theater.

The theater was HUGE, and so were the advertisements. The show was practically sold out, so Addam and I had to sit separately. As frustrating as it was to have to watch the movie alone, at that point nothing could get to me. I first read the book as a freshman in college and had been patiently waiting for the movie for about six years.

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The Married Life: Mangos and Apple iPhones

24 Oct

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you thought I had forgotten all about you in my absence, but rest assured that I’m back and ready to blog. I’m practically champing at the bit. (You like that, silly Medillies?)

While I wish I had more to report, things have been relatively relaxed since the wedding. Addam and I have spent our weekends hitting up Miami hot spots, such as the Clevelander and Mangos — just enjoying our first few months as a married couple.

The two most common questions I’ve gotten since the big day has been, “How’s the married life?” and “Do you feel different?”  Being Mrs. Evans honestly couldn’t get much better. We’ve been together for eight years now, and I’ll be the first to admit that from an outside observer, not much seems to have changed. We go out, we stay in, we work hard and we play harder. Inside, however, it’s night and day.

I’ve always felt secure in mine and Addam’s relationship, but it’s easier to approach life with the confidence that we’ll be side-by-side throughout every challenge and every celebration. I can’t explain it except to say that being married has influenced the way I approach each day.

Putting the wedding aside (as I am sure you are all absolutely sick of hearing about it),  Addam and I have a big announcement to make. After eight years, fair winds and following seas, we are proud to announce that we are putting our relationship to the test and becoming…

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