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Hello, stranger: A fall semester round-up

7 Jan

While this very well may have been the biggest break I’ve taken since I started this blog, rest assured that there is a story behind my absence. The story of a Ph.D. student struggling to stay on top of her classes and keep up on sleep while maintaining a small semblance of a social life. That being said — I wanted to update everyone on some of the greater happenings of this semester.

I’ll start by saying that Ohio University has been very good to me. My fall semester consisted of Introduction to Graduate Study, a journalism teaching seminar, Research Methods, Mass Communication Theory, Ethics, Internet and Society, and Thursday night bull-sessions at Jackie O’s.

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Blogaroo: The Roo Experience

14 Jul

I know we’re about a month out from Bonnaroo, but I’ve been so busy with all the transitions in my life that this is the first chance I’ve found to update everyone about the amazing time I had there.

I’ll get to all of my life changes in a later post, but this one is dedicated to Bonnaroo 2012 and the bands that made the journey from Miami, Florida to Manchester, Tennessee worth the 14-hour drive.

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Blogaroo 2012: My 15 most anticipated acts

15 May

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, folks! Bonnaroo is less than a month away, and to celebrate I’m officially kicking off Blogaroo 2012 — highlighting the can’t miss acts of this festi season.

To begin this year’s countdown — I present to you the 15 acts I am most excited to see this summer.

But music is meant to be shared! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or voting in the poll at the end of this post.

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Home for the Holidays: Athens, Ohio, Dec. 21-Dec. 28

19 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays were as good to you as they were to me.

This year Addam and I were fortunate enough to spend Christmas with his family in Athens, Ohio — whom we saw at the wedding in August but have missed every day since.

After waking up and packing up our last-minute necessities on Wednesday morning, Addam and I headed to the bus stop by our house and set out for Miami International Airport.

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Blogaroo: Day 17: Portugal. The Man

23 May

Hailing from Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man  features John Gourley on lead vocals and guitar, Jason Sechrist on drums, Ryan Neighbors on keyboard  and Zachary Carothers on bass. The group got their start in 2002, when Gourley moved to Portland, Oregon and started up Anatomy of a Ghost. The band gained popularity fairly quickly but broke up within two years. Luckily, Gourley had been working on a side project, aka, Portugal. The Man.

Which is good, because the band has grown pretty quickly since it got its start in 2005, thanks in a large part to Gourley’s hypnotizing  harmonies. He was named AP Magazine’s Best Vocalist of the Year in 2008 and has been featured in countless musical publications, many of which are sitting on my bookshelf right now.

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Hotel Yorba

8 Dec

I love the White Stripes. And yes. If you know me, that is the most obvious statement I’ve probably ever made on here. But follow me for a second…

I was searching through photos of them today, and I found a bunch that gave me some really good ideas for my wedding.  I’ve never wanted a cliche wedding, so I don’t want cliche wedding shots.  I thought I’d throw out a few ideas that I have floating through my head so I can garner some opinions.

(I know, I know. Everyone’s thinking that I’m taking this White Stripes things too far and that it may be getting to an unhealthy level, but everyone is allowed one addiction, and this is mine. Everyone should be happy I’m not making my wedding colors black, white and red.)


Kind of sassy, but I like it. I’m not sure what kind of dress I’ll have yet, but I’m sure it will be a lot more form fitting than this one. It’s going to be hot as hell in August, and I don’t need a lot of extra fabric weighing me down. Still, I think there may be ways to make it work, depending on what I go with.  It’s a beach wedding, so I’m not going to have the opportunity to take many indoor shots. This would probably need to be taken while I’m getting ready.


So, I definitely wouldn’t be holding a cigarette, but besides that, I really like the picture.  Of course, as much as I love Jack White, Addam could probably work out a better facial expression. Although…it adds a little humor. It reminds me of that photo of the farmer holding the pitchfork next to his wife.


Addam’s a musician, so I like the idea of sitting on an amp. And since I’ll be wearing a long, white dress, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull this one off. Of course, while I think this picture would work really well with a beach background, it would mean the light bulb would have to go. I’m sure we could think of something to use in its place.


I just think this is a cool shot, taken for one of the group’s best albums. Addam could hold his guitar, I could hold a reporter’s notebook or a potato or something.  (I’m joking, but how funny would it be if I was holding a big spud in my wedding photos?) I like how Meg and Jack are reaching behind their backs for each others hand. It’s like a disconnected connection. Of course, this isn’t one to send out to friends and family. I mean, it’s really a strange photo. But isn’t a wedding supposed to be about the couple making the commitment? This shot would be for Addam and me.

Of course, while I think he’d love it, Addam could think the entire idea was completely ridiculous. In which case, Heather? Feel like being in this picture with me? I’ll hold a potato…


Again, I just like it. The birds-eye view, the cat’s cradle, the coy little smiles. It feels really innocent. I think I’d even be willing to sit my southern can in the sand, if that’s what I have to do to pull it off.


If you know Addam, this is kind of fitting. He loves the guitar, and I know he’d want it featured in many of our photos. While I’d like to be in a sexy white suit, I’ll probably be in a dress. I also think it’d be funny if we were either both handcuffed to the guitar or each other. Ball and chain reference, if ya get my drift.


Ok, great shot for a beach wedding. I like that they’re facing opposite directions and that neither one is facing the camera.  I know, I know, probably not what the typical bride would want for her wedding shots. But not only does it have a somewhat spacey feel to it, which I like,  it would let me show off the back of my dress and my hair.


Don’t worry, there won’t be any animals at my wedding. I just like the composition. Meg in the background, Jack close too the camera. Meg toward the bottom of the shot, Jack toward the top. I don’t know, I just don’t think you have to be standing right up on each other or gazing passionately into each others eyes to show a connection. The White Stripes perfected that tactic.


Again, no animals, and most likely no swings either, but a good shot for a beach wedding. Like the last photo, this one plays around with depth of field by featuring subjects in both the foreground and the background. I can’t exactly describe it, but I feel like it almost portrays a sense of ownership.


A very simple dinner shot, but I love the contrast. They’re both looking off in separate directions, relaxed, relatively slumped over. Unlike some of the other shots I’ve chosen, it seems natural.


Great outfits, great composition, great lighting, great everything. She’s looking at the camera, he’s not. He’s deep in thought and she’s kind of…well, by the looks of it she’s kind of annoyed, but I’d play it more happy. Addam’s not allowed to see me before the wedding, but I think this would be fun for the reception. Of course, we’d be outside and probably sitting at a table, but I think it could still work. If nothing else, maybe Addam and I could find a bench nearby for a quick recreation. (Dirty.)


Cheesy! But what else would you expect from my big day if not a bit of cheddar? I’d even consider the Santa hat, but only once all the other photos were over and I didn’t need to care about how my hair looked. I mean, it’d make for great Christmas card photos.


Ok, so this is the real first dance shot, and I think that anyone who looks at it would see why it’s beautiful.  My wedding won’t have so many screaming fans, but a few smiling friends and family members is just as good.


I love this photo! Addam and I don’t have a car, but hopefully we’ll be able to work out some sort of vehicle to take us home, because I really want some pictures like this one. The older and classier the better. I love the vintage feel. In fact, I should wear gloves or something. I mean, at least in the car. If there is a car.


Gah. Isn’t he so handsome? Sorry — I had to take a moment.

Besides Jack’s face, I’m loving how the edge of the door frames the shot. Meg being out of focus and the fact that the window is half up makes it look as though the photographer caught a split moment in time.  Like if he would have waited a second longer the window would be up and the car would be speeding away.

That’s it. Sorry if my choices seem a bit ridiculous but I warned you, and there is no accounting for taste. Even if you think I’m crazy, I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to send me on some ideas. (And while I know I’m a bit obsessed — they REALLY don’t have to be White Stripes photos. Although, I would not deny them.)

“You’ll probably say I’m silly,
to think childish thoughts like these,
but I’m so tired of acting tough,
and I”m gonna do as I please.
Let’s get married,
in a big cathedral by a priest,
cause if I”m the man you love the most,
you can say i do at least.”

Hotel Yorba, The White Stripes, 2001.