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Blogaroo: The Roo Experience

14 Jul

I know we’re about a month out from Bonnaroo, but I’ve been so busy with all the transitions in my life that this is the first chance I’ve found to update everyone about the amazing time I had there.

I’ll get to all of my life changes in a later post, but this one is dedicated to Bonnaroo 2012 and the bands that made the journey from Miami, Florida to Manchester, Tennessee worth the 14-hour drive.

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Blogaroo: Day 21: Little Dragon

16 May

Little Dragon is an electronic band that originated in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1996. It features Yuikimi Nagano on vocals and percussion, Erik Bodin on drums, Fredrik Källgren Wallin on bass and Håkan Wirenstrand on the keyboard.

According to the information I have found, the group got its name due to the legendary tantrums Nagano was known for throwing in the recording studio.  She is quoted as saying that while the story is, “a little exaggerated, there is some truth in it.” Nagano said, “We’ve grown up a bit, and I realised you can’t have a fit every day because otherwise you won’t be able to stand each other.”

The band has toured Europe and in late 2009 it was chosen as one of Beyond Race Magazine’s “50 Emerging Artists,” resulting in a spot in the publication’s 11th issue and an exclusive online Q&A on the magazine’s site.

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