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My “Ultra” fun weekend with friends and festies

28 Mar

Bear with me guys. It’s been a long week, and I’m going on a very minimal amount of sleep. That being said, I’m going to do my damnedest to write a full, coherent blog post.

After five or six years of service, Friday was Danae’s last day at Miami Today, so after work a group of us went down to Tobacco Road to celebrate her new opportunity. Addam got off work early, so he came out too. We spent a couple of hours hanging with the news crew before we decided to head down to Ultra, Miami’s very own, mini-Lollapalooza.

We couldn’t get in, but we hung by the fence in the hopes that someone would either drop or give us a ticket. Neither happened, so after an hour or so we headed home.

Once we got home I got a text from Danae, who said that she and her husband, Adrian, her friend Stephanie, who used to intern for Miami Today, and a few others were all heading to Churchill’s for after drink-drinks. Addam and I met up with them but didn’t pay the $8 cover to go in because we planned on crashing relatively earlier. (You know, 3 a.m. or so…)

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Movin’ On Up

30 Jan

OK, ok, ok , everyone — I’ve played a cruel joke. I didn’t realize that in my last post I had said that I would provide a timely update about my medical issues, unless I was going to die. It’s been a few days since my last update, but please, let me assure you — I am not about to croak. At least, I don’t think so…

You see, I never quite made it to my doctor’s appointment. I didn’t get paid until Wednesday, so I couldn’t really show up until my check had cleared. I rescheduled for Thursday morning, but as I was frantically trying to cross the road the bus I needed to catch passed me right up. (Yes, the driver saw me frantically waving her down — no, she did not stop.) I could have waited for the next one to come around, but by that point I had missed the express and wouldn’t have made it in time anyway. I decided to reschedule in lieu of missing both my appointment and a half-day of work.  So — I bought myself some time. My new appointment is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

That aside — I’ve had a pretty busy week.

On Wednesday evening I was supposed to pick Yoga up some food after work, but I never quite made that appointment either. Addam’s never been great with directions, but he really threw me a curveball that night. I ended up biking through quite possibly the worst part of town I have been to since moving to Miami. Right after I as going through a large group of suspicious looking individuals I moved to jump onto the sidewalk and completely ate pavement. My foot got wrapped in my chain and my head hit the ground. I worked to quickly get back on the bike and out of the neighborhood, but this guy started biking next to me! He didn’t really bother me expect to tell me that I was going to kill myself, but it was intimidating. I ignored him, and he was gone after about two blocks, but the entire situation was definitely unsettling. I googled my own directions and got the food the next day.

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“Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine”

25 Jan

I’m going to apologize ahead of time — I’m running on little sleep and a long production day. I really don’t even know where to begin…

For starters — my cell is officially up and running. Thank God. (Well, no, actually — thank Steve.) I’ve missed it, and I’m not even a big phone person. With a few exceptions I really don’t call up many people just to chat. That said, I do love to txt, and not having the option was beginning to drive me a little crazy.

I also have a couple of doctor’s appointments set up for this week.

About six months ago, when I was still working at PetSmart, I noticed this strange line of light in one of my eyes. I didn’t really think too much about it, until someone I worked with told me that one of my pupils was significantly smaller than the other. It was weird, but with the move to Miami I had a relatively easy time pushing it out of my mind. The thing is, since the move I’ve been noticing it more and more. Under certain circumstances and in different situations my right eye doesn’t seem to focus on light correctly.

The other night Addam and I were waiting to catch a bus, and I told him that the street lamps were bothering me. It was like the light was too bright and everything else was too dull — but just in the one eye. (I know this makes absolutely no sense, but I hope everyone is following me.) The really creepy part is that later that night, while Addam and I were enjoying a drink at Miami Prime for his friend’s birthday, this girl stopped me mid-sentence to tell me that my pupils were two completely different sizes and that it was “really cool.”

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