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Weddapalooza: Sunday, August 21 and Monday, August 22

21 Sep

We could have slept forever, but Addam and I wanted to maximize time spent with friends and family. Chris left Sunday morning to catch a flight back to Virginia, but Addam’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Ginny were still in town, as was Emily, Ryan, Ben, Andrew and Winston.

Ben, Andrew and Winston met us at the apartment first thing Sunday morning, followed by Emily and Ryan. Emily brought a fabulous futon with her, a gift from most of my bridesmaids. Addam and I haven’t had a couch since we moved to Miami, so it was definitely appreciated. Not only do we finally have a place for guests to sit, we don’t feel as bad about having overnight visitors now that we have something better to offer than a plastic cot. It’s made our apartment  much more comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift from my fabulous maids. 🙂

After a brief pow-wow, Andrew and Winston decided to go kayaking through the wetlands with John and Tati, while Addam, Ben, Emily, Ryan and I opted to go airboating through the Everglades with Dave and Ginny. Following a quick stop at Wendy’s, the gang picked Ginny and Dave up from the Hilton and headed out to the same spot that Addam and I went airboating when Ben last came to town.

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Weddapalooza: Saturday, August 20, Part I (UPDATED!)

7 Sep

I was up late hanging with John and Krysti the night before, so the morning of my wedding came quickly. As soon as I got up and hopped in the shower I gave Emily a call, who arranged to have her Uncle Keith transport Heather and I to the Hilton. (Thank God for Uncle Keith. He was one of the only people who rented a car for the weekend, so he quickly became our personal taxi. All jokes aside, I really don’t know what we would have done without him.)

As soon as we got to the Hilton, the girls (Heather, Emily, Courtney and myself) hopped in JoAnn’s car and headed to a beauty school to get our hair did. Katie met us there shortly after, and by 10:30 or 11 a.m. we were seated and ready to go. JoAnn surprised us with manicure and pedicures, so we definitely got the star treatment.

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Weddapalooza: Friday, August 19

31 Aug

The bachelor parties wore us out, so Addam and I made a point of sleeping in on Friday. Once we were well-rested, Ben, Chris and Andrew met us at the apartment and drove us over to Crandon Park for our second wedding rehearsal. (Or our first official one, depending on how you choose to look at it.)

Before hitting the beach the guys and I stopped by a grocery store to stock up on food for the reception cook out, a tux shop to pick up Addam’s suit for the wedding and a printing place to print out a guest sign-in poster that I designed for the reception. The tux shop was a bust because we got there a little too early and it hadn’t been delivered, but everything else was a great success.

We made it to the wedding location around 4 p.m., and there was already a group of people waiting for us. Once everyone got there we started planning out exactly how we wanted everything to look.

In the end we decided that Ryan should walk down the aisle first, as he was going to play the guitar throughout the ceremony, followed by John, our officiate.  Addam would escort Judy, followed by Ben and my mom, and the rest of Addam’s groomsmen — Winston, Matt (our last minute, but totally awesome, addition), Andrew and Chris. My maids would come next, with Danae followed by Stephanie, Tati, Courtney, Katie, Heather and Emily. Yoga would run the rings down the aisle, and then  Steve and I would walk. After the ceremony we decided that Addam and I would walk out first, followed by Ben and Emily, Chris and Heather, Andrew and Katie, Matt and Courtney, John and Tati, Winston and Stephanie, and Ryan and Danae. Not everyone could make the rehearsal, but the majority of us was there, so it worked out.

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Weddapalooza: Thursday, August 18

28 Aug

The Thursday before my wedding started early and ended late. (As all good bachelor/bachelorette parties should.)

Addam and I had to meet with Ana, our wedding planner, to pay off Jungle Island at noon, so we were biking to Bayside a couple of hours before we were actually awake. After crossing Ts and dotting Is we were on our way to Crandon Park on Key Biscayne for our first official wedding run through.

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