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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the MIA

7 May

Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.

Each year Addam plans a big camping trip or cookout on Cinco de Mayo weekend, so it was no surprise that he requested to have the fifth off. He’d been pulling recipes and penning grocery lists for the last week, so I knew that this year’s cookout was going to be just as good as in years past.

Addam and I packed up the bikes and headed to the park at about 3 p.m., making a brief stop at Publix to pick up some last minute items that we’d need for the bar-b-que. Once we got to Morningside Park I realized that I forgot to grab some buns, so I ran back to the apartment while Addam set up our shade tent.

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“Well, it’s my birthday too, yeah!”

17 Jul

Well folks, as much as I hate turning another year older, I must admit that my birthday weekend has been fabulous — thanks entirely to my incredible friends and (soon to be) family.

But before I go into detail about the festivities I should backtrack, as a ton has happened since my last post.

When Addam got off work last Sunday he immediately invited me out to Churchill’s, a little English-style pub located less than a block from our apartment. I love the place, so while I’m usually not the type of girl to doll myself up before a night out, I decided to make a bit of on effort. (Very little, as the photos can attest.)

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“Sunk from a riot of relaxation”

10 Jul

While it was hard to bounce into the work week after such fun Fourth of July festivities, Addam and I made the most of it.

Missing a day makes Tuesday deadlines a little harder to meet, but after powering through production day I had a moment to catch my breath and start thinking about the wedding.

Addam and I met with a planner on Thursday to discuss everything we’ve done and everything we need to do. Her name is Ana, and after checking out her portfolio and sitting down with her I know that she’s going to do absolutely everything in her power to make sure the day is as close to perfect as possible. Since the wedding is a little more than a month away,  I was worried that she might not have enough time to pull everything together. Once I heard that she planned her own wedding in three weeks, my fears pretty much went flying out the window.

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Celebrating independence

8 Jul

Happy Friday all! I know it’s been awhile, but with the short work week, I’ve been extremely busy writing articles and editing profiles nearly every evening. That said, I hope everyone had an amazing Forth of July weekend.

Addam had to work Saturday and Sunday, but we both had Monday off. In an effort to make the most of the holiday, we planned a cookout with our good friends John and Tati. John’s brother knew a guy with a yacht, so we decided to spend our Independence Day grilling out on the water.

After packing up some eats and hiding the dog, Addam and I hopped on the bus and headed out. It’s always a feat getting Yoga to stay quiet long enough to sneak her anywhere, but she was on her game. Despite running a little late, we got to our destination without incident.

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23 Feb

Well, folks – it’s been a technologically trying couple of weeks, but I think I may finally be out of the woods.

I don’t know how, in the year 2011, it can still be difficult to receive a reliable internet connection, but apparently being able to spend an hour or two reading gossip blogs and surfing the internet after a long day of work is too much to ask. At least, don’t ask AT&T. Trust me when I say that they won’t be able to do anything for you except waste your time.

I’ve spent every lunch hour I’ve had for the past two weeks trying to get a modem delivered to my house, and each time I called in I seemed to get a different excuse. Either UPS didn’t have my apartment number or was keeping the package at their headquarters, an hour away. Once UPS got the address right, they had already sent the package back to AT&T, who wouldn’t overnight equipment despite promises.

Once Addam and I received our modem, the laptop still wouldn’t connect to the internet, meaning AT&T had to send someone out to check on our signal. Of course, when I asked two weeks ago if someone could just be sent out in lieu of the modem, I was told that I would have to install it myself. We were told that someone couldn’t come out for two weeks, but after a bit of persuasion on Addam’s part, AT&T agreed to send someone out this morning. So far, knock of wood, things appear to be running smoothly.

This would make me feel better if I wasn’t also fighting a losing battle with my insurance company.

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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

28 Nov

Weekends are typically slow, but today I managed to keep busy.

Addam didn’t have to work until 2 p.m., so we got to spend the morning together. We didn’t do much, but it was nice to wake up slow and enjoy the few hours we get to be with each other.  Last night Addam brought home The Karate Kid and The  Book of Eli, which we were up late into the night watching.  Once we were awake and moving we put on the former and rewatched it until it was time for Addam to head out.

I biked to Publix and returned the movies as soon as Addam left, then ran by this Haitian cafeteria near our apartment to get an egg and cheese sandwich.  I needed to fuel up.  Yoga and I had a very busy afternoon planned.

The little girl and I spent the day at the Urbayne Biscayne Art Show.  The event took place about three blocks from my house and was basically a big celebration of the arts.

Artists lined the streets, painting murals and selling wares. The event stretched 10 blocks, but the majority of the activity was happening around 75th and Biscayne, which is where Yoga and I spent most of our afternoon.

Yoga absolutely loved it, and everyone loved her. She, as always, was the life of the party.  There were vendors set up all over the place, and I don’t know if she spent more time running through the freshly-cut grass or begging attendees for bits of food. Either way, there were literally more people taking photos of her than of the paintings.

I didn’t have money to pick up any food, but the vendors where only a small part of the event. Bands were playing throughout the day and artists were constantly making their way in and out, so there was always something to do. Part of what made Chicago so awesome was the fact that there was always something free and fun going on in the city, no matter the day of the week.  I’m glad that I’m finally starting to find something similar in Miami.

Yoga and I spent a couple of hours at the event, but the baby demanded to stop by the park on the way home.  She was so good the entire afternoon that I could not deny the little blue some fun.  We took the long way back to the apartment, but before we left I had to get a photo of her near this giant, orange peace sign, provided by Luis Jimenez Sculptures.  She was a little scared, but the photo was so cute I died a little.

The girl got her energy out in the park, and has been lazing around for the rest of the afternoon.  I, on the other hand, have been busy cleaning the apartment and washing dishes in preparation for all the family Addam and I have coming in next week.

Now that the apartment is clean and the puppy is pooped, I plan to spend the rest of my evening watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. As soon as Addam gets home we are going to dig out the decorations and put up our litte Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It might not be a lot, but if you knew how much better it made me felt to come home after a long day at work and plug in the lights, you’d understand why I bother putting it up each year.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” — Pablo Picasso, artist (1881-1973).

Beach babes

26 Sep

Today was my baby’s first time at Miami Beach!  As I’m sure you are all aware, Addam and I bike over almost every weekend, but as it’s a long ride we were always too scared to bring the puppy.  Fortunately, Addam just got a basket for the back of his bike, making it possible for us to bring her along.  The little cutie had a tendency to jump out of the back every time we would come to a stop, but for the most part we made the 5.5 miles without incident.

The fiance and I woke up late, watched a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and were on our way.  We decided to go to North Beach today, so the ride was a lot shorter than usual.  (Which is good, because Yoga was panting it up by the time we reached the sand).

Before heading to the ocean, Addam had to stop and pick up a bunch of postcards for us to send out to everyone we’ve been missing in Chicago.  He plans to send one to Red Lobster, and I’m sure I’ll send one to PetSmart.  There was a $10 minimum, so if you want to hear from us, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll send you one.  Lord knows we have enough of them…

After getting the postcards we stopped for some McDonald’s  ice cream and headed to the ocean, which is exactly what Yoga had been waiting the entire day for.

She absolutely loved it!  I’ve never seen Yoga happier while at the beach.  Addam and I used to take her all the time when we lived in Chicago, and we’ve taken her to Virginia Beach two or three times, but there must be something about Miami.  I’ve never seen her have more fun running in the sand.  She was so cute, I had to take a video.  It’s a little long, but if you hang in there, I assure you it’s worth it.

After a good run, Addam and I forced Yoga to go out on the raft.  Both to cool off, and because we wanted to swim and couldn’t leave her standing on the beach while we did so.  She’d end up following us in anyway, so we knew that as much as she’d hate it, we just had to bring her in.  Once again, she was way too cute not to shoot video.  This one is a lot shorter, and she showcases her great swimming ability toward the end.

After a couple of hours of swimming, we all biked home, stopping at a Haitian grocery store on the way for some good eats to finish off the weekend.  Addam and I have spent the rest of the evening watching TV and playing Scarface on the Wii.  (Ok…Addam’s playing Scarface on the Wii…I’m uploading videos to YouTube for this post).

I’m really excited though.  Tonight is the premiere of this reality show, Sister Wives, which follows a family of polygamists.  Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love the show Big Love, which is a sitcom of the same subject.  I don’t know why, but it fascinates me.  Anything that makes me relatively uncomfortable does, I guess.   I think that is really why I became a journalist.  I’ve always been interested in different cultures and lifestyles, and I love stepping outside of myself and questioning everything I’ve grown to accept as true.

My next project, whenever I have the finances to actually dedicate myself to it, will be to put myself in a situation each week where I am the outsider.  I had to do this as part of class at James Madison University. Diversity and Muliculturalism.  Probably the most eye-opening class I took in undergraduate school.    As part of the class, each student had to attend two events in which they would be the minority.  Alone.  Rallies, religious ceremonies, strip clubs.  It was up to us.

I ended up going to a Russian church and drag show, both of which taught me a lot.  I won’t deny that I had more fun at the drag show, but I really stepped out of myself by going to the church.  Most of the people there did not speak English, and all had been attending for quite some time.  I did feel out of place being there alone, but, at the same time, very accepted and very welcome.

I want to do more things like this.  I want to challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone each week and see what I can find out about other people and other lifestyles.  I don’t know when I’ll start this endeavor, but plan to hear about it in future weeks.  It’s something I’m pretty passionate about.

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea.” — Isak Dinesen, composer.